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is it possible to download android apps on laptop instead of directly downloading it through my phone?

We don't have wifi in college so I am currently on a data plan right now. And I don't want to waste my data plan on downloading apps directly on my phone. I was wondering if I could download apps through my laptop and and just transfer it to my phone after?

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    If you download/purchase apps through the Google Play Store online on your laptop, the next time your device is connected to the internet , it will automatically download and install those apps.

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    yes. download the app on your PC first. Then, attach a USB drive to it and your phone. then go to my computers, or 'files', and you will see a new file called removable disk. you will also see on your phone an option to turn on USB storage. turn it on. Then, search for the app in files, or if the app is in the home screen, then make the files tab smaller, but do not minimize, then drag the app to removable disk, then it will copy it. do not disconnect the USB drive while copying. When done with the app[s] then turn on your phone, and you will see an option for disconnecting USB storage. Disconnect. Then, take the USB drive out of your PC. Finished.

    P.S- I know its long winded, but it takes a short time

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