Minecraft - How to learn crafting without wiki + Creeper?

Hey guys, soon I will lose internet for few days or maybe weeks so I'm considering what will I do during that time. I considered try and play some Minecraft, I already played and beat Terraria in the past which is an amazing game.

But the thing is, that in Terraria there's this guy named "Guide", he gives you tips about the game and you can show him the item that you have found and he'll tell you what new stuff you can craft with this item as an ingredient. So it's very easy to learn crafting in Terraria without using wiki. How to learn crafting in Minecraft without wiki. It took me half an hour to finally learn that I need freaking coal to make some torches.

Also a small Creeper question, I find him a bit... "creepy". Kind of afraid that he'll pop out of nowhere. Any tips against him/it? I also heard that he will NOT burn to death from the sun. Does it mean that he'll be simply waiting when I open an entrance to my house and then he'll jump on me like a chupakabra?


@D CHEEZE I am 20 :) You failed to understand me, I am looking for tips how are you meant to be learning crafting yourself. As I've said in Minecraft I can't find any additional crafting information like in Terraria. Using wiki feels like cheating and is not satisfying. It's not that I can't use wiki, it's that I don't want to use wiki.

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    Creepers spawn any time of day or night, whether above ground or underground. They can be very annoying, especially if you are working on a project that gets blown to pieces in the blink of an eye by a creeper. You can take actions to protect yourself though. Surround your house with cacti (or lava, if you prefer that). Dig a trench around your house, so when they try to come at you, they simply fall in a hole. Or build your house out of something that takes less damage, like smooth stone, stone brick, clay brick, or obsidian (even if obsidian is incredibly ugly).

    As for learning how to craft, there's not really any "easy" way to do it. The Xbox version of Minecraft has a full list of all craftable items, but the PC version relies more on the user to find that stuff out for himself or herself. I would say your best bet is to just compile a list of items and their recipes. Try this web page (not sure how up to date it is with the latest version of Minecraft):


    Save that page so you can still access it when you are offline. I'm not sure if it has ALL the recipes, but it has a great deal of them.

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    If you are looking to learn without the Wiki, you are in for a rough time. It's not that it's impossible. Plenty of people have done it (the Wiki didn't exist early on in Alpha). But the Wiki was created simply because figuring out the recipes by trial and error takes a LONG time, more time than it is usually worth. And while most recipes are fairly straightforward (like making a fishing rod by creating the shape of a fishing rod out of sticks and string), some are less intuitive. For example, if it weren't for the Wiki, I would never have figured out how to craft a jukebox, a note block, or even a painting! They are weird combinations of items that, in my mind, are almost impossible to figure out without simple guessing (let alone items that you don't even know exist).

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    Basically youve git two choices either mess around and see what things you can make like the torches or use wiki. It can be fun discovering things but after a while your going to need to find out on wiki exactly what you need espcially when some of the craft items are really random. For the creeper basically wherever you place torches will stop bad mmobs from spawning but creepers will. Be out at night and tend to disapear into the darkness during the day with the odd one staying above ground but there not really and problem during daylight.

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    Here's an idea. If you still need help that is. There is a mod out there by Risugami, called Recipe Book or something like that. It adds a book in the game where you can read it and it tells you all the recipes. Here's a guide on how to install it:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Here's a link to the mod download:


    It's really easy to install, just a few drag and drops.


    Print screen the page(s) and paste to paint, then save the images and viola! I find the mod easier though, as it's ingame and easy if you play full screen.

    now. Creeper advice. sneaky buggers they are. However, they are very easy to control.

    All you do is, sprint and hit them, this sends them quite far, allowing you to get your barings and make sure they do not blow up. Repeat this process until they are dead. Just spritn and hit. Make sure you hit them when you're still sprinting. If you sprint+jump+hit you may get a critical hit, and therefore do more damage.

    Source(s): Almost 3 years of constant Minecraft addiction. Credits: Youtube/Minecraft Forums fr mods/tutorials.
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    you generally have to use wiki to get The Examples and Instructions for Crafting, sorry the say.

    and as for the creeper, As unfortunate as it is you where correct, it doesn't burn. but what i will say if you are as dopey as me and you run into a few and they blow up directly next to you - you wont die! Just make sure you have food with you so you can replenish your hearts.

    Heres another tip, go out at night and collect some string, if you make a whole in your house & make an arrow you can shoot the creepers with an arrow. simples :)

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    Im sorry to say, you pretty much gotta use the wiki when you are learning how to craft. :( As for creepers, theres no good way to avoid them, they just pop up outta freaking nowhere. Just light up the area around your house to decrease spawn rates and keep an eye out for them.

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    Well you can copy the page of crafting recipes on to a blank word doc. You can download it on your phone? The wiki of recipes. And the creeper will just pop out sometimes.

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