Which sign is a TERRIBLE liar?

Which sign is a good liar? I am a good liar, Aquarius, but hardly ever lie.

Gem and Libra are not good liars (they lie on evidence) whereas Gemini gets nervous. Cancer acts all tense, like they start yawning etc. Scorpios hardly lie, when they do you see it from their facial expression.
Update: I've never experienced those signs. I know Leos are not good at lying too. I think Aries can lie, but since they are as blunt as Aquarius they can try. Sagittarius always tells the truth.
Update 2: Thanks Astro :)
Update 3: I know when Gemini lies.
Update 4: @Call, I helped my Libra ex once, because he lost our train tickets. :/ adventurous.
Update 5: we got a free ride home :) on the train. I paid for half trip :) I know it's wrong, but didn't have enough money with me, and he lost the tickets.
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