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Syncing iPhone with new Computer and not losing content?

Hi guys,

I understand that if you sync your iPhone with a new computer (second computer) it will erase all of your content from the original computer and the allow you to sync content from your current computer. Is this correct?

The only items I am concerned about are apps and music which I have either purchased from the app store or iTunes directly from my iPhone. Does my iTunes account remember everything I purchased so that when I connect my iPhone to my new computer it'll give me the option to install all previously downloaded apps and music? If not I will be losing thousands of pounds of music and apps which doesn't seem fair considering all I've done is lose my laptop and therefor have no other option but to sync my iphone to a new computer. I understand that this may mean anything like mo3's which weren't purchased from iTunes which I out into my iPhone will no linger be available because they were on the old computer and I no longer have the files but it is not this which I am concerned with, it's the apps and music downloaded and paid for on the iPhone app store and iTunes.

Really need help guys. Thanks in advance!

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    Anything you purchased through itunes, ibooks, etc will be fine, and should automatically redownload to your new pc once you log in with your username. At least it did with me once i connected my iphone to it. If it isn't on your iphone, you'll still get it back as it'll be under purchased content. Anything not purchased through itunes will be lost unless you backed it up to an external hard drive.

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    You should be fine, just open iTunes and connect your stuff. Just make sure that all of the music on your phone is already on the computer. When I bought a new laptop I thought it would delete my things but actually it just updated my new iTunes with the things on my iPhone. So, you should be fine.

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    once you sync your iPhone onto a sparkling laptop, all the advice this is on the iPhone would be backed up on the laptop, it is not likely which you will lose your records. only be effective you examine each and everything previously you press enter.

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    If u have iCloud it shouldnt

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