Laptop slow to start up?

Hi. I wonder if anyone can advise what I should do regarding an Acer 5551 laptop that is slow to start up. The laptop loads (as in gets to the login screen) within a few seconds but then after putting the password in it sometimes takes 2-5 minutes to load and I often get a black screen during that process.

I have run a defragment, reduced the start-up programs to minimal, cleaned the registry and all other general tidying up. What else could I do to rectify this?

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    8 years ago
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    Make sure that you do not have too many programs on Start Up. Sometimes, even if it doesn't seem like it, programs start running in the background on start up. This may be the cause of the slow start up. I also recommend disk clean up etc.

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  • 5 years ago

    Try each a disk defragment and a disk cleanup. Also, go by means of Add & dispose of programs and do away with something you don't use, however watch out you do not delete some thing foremost-- if you're now not certain, google the program to discover what it is for or simply depart it. All three of these matters will release space in your hard pressure, so that you can enable your laptop to run turbo.

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    8 years ago

    Slow starting computers is a very common problem, it can be that the computer is running startup and checking for updates on allot of things that dont need it. So first bit of advice is uninstall anything you dont use, we all put things on our PC that we never actually use so do a clean up and delete them.

    Then you can do update to windows yourself, sometimes this happens as windows is trying to run update at startup because one failed, so run windows update manually and see if anything has failed on the list.

    Then you can always have a look whats starting up and google the results, if you hit F8 at start up to go to the bootoption screen one of the options is show startup items this lists things as the computer starts its a pain but jot down the programs that start and google em.

    Oh and last thing, do a virus sweep.

  • 8 years ago

    I suggest you get a computer utilities program. I use iolo System Mechanic Pro. It will clean up all the junk on your computer and shut down unnecessary startup programs. It reduced startup time on my laptop by about 60 to 70 %. It will defrag your RAM and hard drive.

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