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MINECRAFT If I set a house on fire, then save and quit, will the fire continue to grow and burn?

I'm helping my little sister exact revenge on her older sister for killing her twice just to take her iron, and then when she returned to pick up her stuff it already disappeared, so that give justification for war. So the question is, if I set her house on fire, then save and quit before it grows, the next day when she gets on will her house just start to burn, or will it already be torched the ground? thanks its for xbox

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  • 8 years ago
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    Time does not pass on offline minecraft games. Time only passes in online servers. If she plays with other people online then it will burn, but I doubt she does because you said you saved and quit.

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  • 8 years ago

    Any fires started in Minecraft will only continue to grow only as the world is actively running. So if you set your older sister's house on fire & quit the game, the state of the fire will be saved when you quit & will only resume when somebody else loads up that world.

    If you played on a server (which is only available on the PC version instead of the XBLA version), the world would keep going as it would be active on a separate location.

    With that said... I can't support going to war in Minecraft, mostly because you're deal with semi-limited resources (you'll more likely run into HDD space issues before you can render the world completely) & you're more likely going to destroy the world to the point that you can't do all the fun stuff... where you'll delete the old world & start all over anew.

    I don't know exactly why your younger sister was hoarding iron (possibly for a project of something); Don't follow the cycle of grief here... if your older sister is being a troll, the best course of action is NOT TO PLAY HER GAME. Start up a new world of your own & tell her that you don't want her to play in your world because of her actions.

    I will note that when the XBLA version gets out of beta (as it's currently in 1.7.3 beta), more resources will become semi-renewable (like iron ingots from mob drops)... once the XBLA version reaches the 1.3 era, a fair amount of resources will become semi-renewable (even diamond).

    However, once you hit 1.0, you'll be able to play in creative mode instead of just survival.

    Hope this helps!

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    8 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    Sadly no. It will stay the same as it was when you quit the game.

    Source(s): This happening to me
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