How to get rid of pimples?

Hi. I m 15 yr old (male), Nd I hav pimples all over my face for a year now! Nd plus I hav very Oily skin. I also used som acne medication (Nd the doc, by the way, said that i got these pimples on my face becuz my age is in the middle of growing..?) but I heard these pimples won 't jus get removed by the medical treatment Cuz it 's not good to use like som kinds of acne tubes on your face Plus it can make side-effect Nd can damage your skin! While pimples might go away by using Natural things on your face.And it IS true! I did the same! It resulted well but Not really clearly removed pimples I could see. :p What to really do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I had the same problem, I always got spots (pimples) and could never get rid of them.

    I started using sudocrem and it worked really well and now I don't have any spots! Give it a try.. it really works. Also, you could try putting toothpast on them for 30 mins, that sometimes worked for me!

    Hope I helped? :)

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    8 years ago

    hi. i am 14 (female) i had acne it seemed bad to me, but it was just mild. It put my confidence down so much, i didn't want to leave the house. I tried everything from face washes, spot creams, wipes. Until one day i went to the doctors about migranes they said it was stress, my dad metioned how self consious i was and the doctor prescribed me 'PanOxyl' it worked really well for the first few weeks, cleared it up nicley then it gave me really bad dry skin so i stopped using it and the ance came back. i have been using another cream now prescribed by my doctor 'Quinoderm' i have had it for two days and my skin in clear. not one spot. i am so happy, i can enjoy life more now my skin is clear and i havent got to worry about the way my skin looks, i am not the prettiest girl, but having clear skin makes me feel pretty again, for the fisrt time in years. please try this cream. good luck X

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