Can I handle AP classes?

Hello, I am junior taking 3 AP Classes (Bio/English/US) along with a math class and a 3rd year of foreign language. I ended up being a T.A. after dropping a BS class. This is apparently a big deal because juniors arn't allowed to T.A., only seniors, but i was rare exception (teacher begged for one).

Anyways, I feel like I can't handle this workload. Or rather, I'm not sure I can.

Last year, I took AP Euro along with a second year of french (hardest year of french), and 2 honors classes and 2 BS classes.

In Euro, I was struggling. Or kindof. I got 50% on multiple choice which was okay. But this was my teacher's first year being an AP teacher so... she kinda sucked. We did group work A LOT which meant I did all the work and the rest of the people got easy As. Anyways, we rushed through the material, power point after powerpoint, never did a complete DBQ, and we ran out of time before we finished the material, right before World War 2, 2 days before the test.

I bought a review book 2 weeks before the exam but didnt really look at it until the last 3 days, where i took some time off school and just CRAMMED. Barely knew anything about germany/communism BIG stuff in the 1900s. Ended up taking the test and found out I got a 3.

Some of the smartest kinds in my class got 3s, and some of the more hardworking ones as well. I mean, I'm not a slacker but these people give up social lives and extracurriculars to study.

I can't tell if I can handle all the AP classes. I have a 90% in English, 87% in APUSH, and 82% in Bio(which has become the most dropped class, second only to AP Chem). Everyone failed their labs and tests - they all bombed the essays. I got a nearly perfect score on my essays but i sucked at multiple choice...

I'm so confused, do you think I have the potential to do well?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You shouldn't do TA because in a college's perspective, it looks like you're not focusing on your studies, but other than that I think you could, but my brother said that you rarely ever sleep lol

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  • 8 years ago

    also in 3 ap classes as well...ap english, ap spanish, and ap world history!

    you can surely handle an ap class!

    many say a D in an ap class is a C in a regular class...although true, they are not considering the fact the ap classes need more studying, require more effect, self-knowledge and logic!

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  • 8 years ago

    You might have potential. Try taking the ap class first, then if it gets to hard, you should drop it.

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