Can I handle AP classes?

Hello, I am junior taking 3 AP Classes (Bio/English/US) along with a math class and a 3rd year of foreign language. I ended up being a T.A. after dropping a BS class. This is apparently a big deal because juniors arn't allowed to T.A., only seniors, but i was rare exception (teacher begged for one).

Anyways, I feel like I can't handle this workload. Or rather, I'm not sure I can.

Last year, I took AP Euro along with a second year of french (hardest year of french), and 2 honors classes and 2 BS classes.

In Euro, I was struggling. Or kindof. I got 50% on multiple choice which was okay. But this was my teacher's first year being an AP teacher so... she kinda sucked. We did group work A LOT which meant I did all the work and the rest of the people got easy As. Anyways, we rushed through the material, power point after powerpoint, never did a complete DBQ, and we ran out of time before we finished the material, right before World War 2, 2 days before the test.

I bought a review book 2 weeks before the exam but didnt really look at it until the last 3 days, where i took some time off school and just CRAMMED. Barely knew anything about germany/communism BIG stuff in the 1900s. Ended up taking the test and found out I got a 3.

Some of the smartest kinds in my class got 3s, and some of the more hardworking ones as well. I mean, I'm not a slacker but these people give up social lives and extracurriculars to study.

I can't tell if I can handle all the AP classes. I have a 90% in English, 87% in APUSH, and 82% in Bio(which has become the most dropped class, second only to AP Chem). Everyone failed their labs and tests - they all bombed the essays. I got a nearly perfect score on my essays but i sucked at multiple choice...

I'm so confused, do you think I have the potential to do well?

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    8 years ago
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    It sounds like you are handling these classes since you have good grades in them. Even if you don't do well on the AP exam, it doesn't mean that taking the class was a waste of time as it looks good on your transcript.

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    Also in 3 ap courses as good...Ap english, ap spanish, and ap world historical past! That you can undoubtedly manage an ap class! Many say a D in an ap classification is a C in a standard type...Even though true, they are not because the actual fact the ap classes want extra learning, require more outcomes, self-knowledge and good judgment!

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    8 years ago

    try it, it sounds like you can handle it

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