I hate sleepovers, help!?

I never used to be like this but over the past year and a half I've started to hate sleepovers. I'm seventeen and I just feel a bit too old for them, y'know? But my best friend is still really into them but I don't understand the REASON for them anymore?? When I was younger, sleepovers were about truth or dare and telling silly stories and secrets but my best friend and I know everything about each other so all that's gone out the window, also we are just too old for it now. When I go over there, all she wants to do is talk for 20 minutes then go to sleep. Now, I have a hard enough time getting to sleep in my own bed, let alone in another persons house. At times I just lie there all night and once I became so distraught that I had to get my dad to pick me up at 6 am. I just don't see the point. I'd much rather be in my own bed, in my own house and just able to get up and go watch tv downstairs if I want to. She seems to prefer me coming for the evening and whole night than coming for the whole day which I don't understand because during the day youre more alert and you can go out places and stuff. A lot of the time I make excuses but I can't do it all the time because she starts to get upset with me. What should I do? Is anyone else around my age and having the same sort of problem?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Im younger, but i know what you mean. If you find them boring or that there isnt a reason, you dont have to go. Just explain how you feel and if shes your friend shell understand.

    Although, here are some fun things to do if theyre boring...

    You can watch DVDS

    listen to CDs

    Play some games (online or on the wii, xbox, etc.)

    If you are tired dip your forehead in cold water (I dont do this anymore but it is actually, in a weird way, kinda fun!)

    Truth or dare can still be good, just change it from when you were younger.

    Do an all nighter! This is a good way to try and stay awake instead of going to sleep.

    Try not to lie in silence. This doesnt help.

    Dont keep thinking, "oh, this isnt going to be good". Just think about how you ould have fun.

    Listen tio music and have a karaoke! If you dont have a karaoke machine, or a singing game for the wii or ps2 or something, go on to youtube and look up karaoke videos.

    Also, suggest that you could go for more days out instead of more sleepovers? Like ask her to go the the shopping centre or the cinema more.

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  • 8 years ago

    Kind of but, my best friend and I are weird so we do the following:

    Go on omegle.com and prank people

    Listen to music and play a game called surf

    prank call people

    play hide and seek lol

    watch tv or a movie

    we play truth or dare but weird ones and read really gross ones

    When we get sleepy we eat ice or stuff it dow our shirts or go to sleep. Btw we are also 14 so this may not help. Also if you uncomfortable sleeping over peoples houses invite them to your house.

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  • 8 years ago

    Explain to your friend that the old sleepovers used to be better. Ask for less occasional sleepovers, thus meaning you can treat yourself to an 'all-nghter', then the next day, as your tired you can have some good sleep in your own bed.

  • 8 years ago

    I'm actually younger but yes I understand. It's normal. It's more comfortable in your own house. If you don't do anything but sleeping and the guest isn't from another city or so then yes... I don't see a point either. But... Just don't go there?

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