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Blue tongue skinks questions?

Am planning on getting a new Lizard.

As do my other one was my brothers one, but now he has moved out taking his lizard with him. And I loved him (: It was a Bearded Dragon I took care of it, tooking it out cleaning playing with it etc.. But there is one thing! I could not do and that was feeding it live food! I just could not pick them up (long story) So am planing on getting a Blue tongue skink from what I have been reading they don't eat live food? But I have some questions about Blue tongue skinks I hope you can fill in?

1, What I have been reading (from google,yahoo,sites) is that Blue tongue skinks do not need live food they can eat (dog food,carrots etc..) But you can give them some as treats true?

2, Can you get two Blue tongue skinks together in the same tank? M&M or F&F ( I don't want them to breed) but I don't want them to fight?

3, Tips for setting up a tank? (I know sand is a BIG no)

4, Anything else you can tell me would help :)

Like I said I am not new to lizards I have had one (well my brothers) but still...

And I am sorry for any spelling mistakes


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    I breed blue tongue skinks personally, as well as help with our large group of blue tongues at our breeding center. I can answer your questions!

    1) Live food is not essential, however I do highly recommend finding a better source of protein than dog food. You can use frozen/thawed pinky, fuzzy, or hopper mice, canned insects, and reptile food that is formulated specifically for reptiles. While dog food is readily accepted by blue tongues (they love the stuff), my experience with them is that it is not needed, and if anything, their life span and reproductive abilities are greatly increased when they are offered a diet that includes whole prey items, and not dog food.

    2) No, do not combine blue tongues in one cage. While they can often be housed together for short periods of time, and young ones usually do not have a problem, once they reach sexual maturity they often become extremely territorial and they will fight. This is true for any combination of genders.

    3) Here, I made a video all about setting up the tank!

    Youtube thumbnail

    4) I always recommend UVB and heat for blue tongues, much like how your brother's bearded dragon should have had its lights set up. They're extremely intelligent and like to move, so try and get the biggest cage you possibly can. And lastly, have fun! Enjoy it! They're super fun animals to keep, and I love every single one of mine. :)


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    Blue tongued skinks are great! But you ask some severe questions, so listed here are some serious answers. Sure, skinks, like many other reptiles lift salmonella. Nonetheless, if you are faithful about washing your palms after handling you pet, this shouldnt be an limitation. I've had many reptiles through the years, & under no circumstances once have had a well being difficulty with them. Plus, I work in a pet store & manage all of them day lengthy. I'm form of a hand sanitizer nut, although. Your skink would be a lot much less work than your 2 dogs. That doesnt imply that issues are not able to crop up which can be a pain to deal with. Please realize that a full-grown blue tongue can also be over 3 ft long. That requires a colossal habitat! Additionally they have tremendous appetites. We feed ours (which is a youngster at about 12 inches) fresh veggies & fruits daily together with a couple of enormous crickets & even a pinkie or two now & then. They do lovely well when handled customarily, but these will not be the most lively of reptiles. They revel in sitting & basking greater than scurrying round. A lepard gecko or a bearded dragon could also be one more alternative you might look into to satisfy your sons reptile craving. Examine out your neighborhood petstore & ask the entire questions which you can consider of (habitat measurement, feeding specifications, heating & lighting wants, humidity issues, ect) about all of these animals. Take your son with you so he realizes that reptile pets have the same form of tasks as their mammal counterparts. Just right luck to you!

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