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What band/artist changed the way you look at music?

BQ: Favorite song as of now? (post link)

BQ2: Do you to singles or albums more?

BQ3: Last song you listened to (post link)

BQ4: Favorite album and song of the band/artist that "changed" the way you look at music?

BQ5: Tell me how you found out this band/artist and what kind of influences they have left on you.

BQ6: What other stuff do you listen to thanks to the band "that changed the way you look at music"?

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    Radiohead, and pink floyd to an equal extent

    BQ: I don't know really i don't think about it

    BQ2: Albums

    BQ3: "Madness" - Muse:

    Youtube thumbnail


    BQ4: Difficult, maybe OK Computer and Paranoid Android; The Wall and Echoes.

    BQ5: Radiohead: My mum is a radiohead fan so she had some of their CD's and one day i decided i was going to open my mind to some new music, and i picked up their albums.

    Pink Floyd: The exact same thing actually, although they took ALOT longer to grow on me, i got the dark side of the moon album and i nearly deleted it from my iPod because i though nothing of it but now i've grown to love them,

    Influences: Both bands have influence me to open my mind in music even more, to experiment with genres, and to use a wide variety of instruments. Also, Radiohead have totally put me off the idea of writing love songs, and thus now i much prefer the idea of writing much more esoteric songs, dealing with generally non-personal problems (i.e: Politics and war).

    BQ6: Since becoming a radiohead fan, i listen to indie bands (Bloc Party), more alternative rock bands (Muse), and other bands similar to them (The Pixies). Not only that, but it has encouraged me to listen to totally unrelated artists and just generally open my mind.

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    When I was 14 I found Children of Bodom and branched off to other extreme metal bands. That was a phase I went through for about a year, I think the recent one is Radiohead, before I really got into them I stuck with my comfort zone, and they were definitely out of mine. They opened my eyes to give weird music a fighting chance because I never know what might grow on me.

    BQ: I don't choose favorites

    BQ2: Songs


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    BQ4: Favorite song is Knives Out and favorite album is Kid A

    BQ5: I saw the music video for Knives Out on Fuse when I was like 12 and it disturbed me in all the right ways.

    BQ6: All sorts of indie music

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    Led Zeppelin. I would always stay away from anything with a blues influence just because I found it boring. But as I got into them and some of their more bluesy songs, I started to enjoy it much more than I ever thought I would.

    BQ: Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

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    BQ2: Albums.

    BQ3: The Who - Who Are You

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    BQ4: My favorite Zeppelin album at the moment would have to be Led Zeppelin III. It really grew on me and I absolutely love it. I can't pick a song, as I don't have one particular song I love more than any other.

    BQ5: I knew about them for awhile, but my dad never played them around the house really that I can remember so I basically made the choice to look them up and I fell in love with them instantly. After falling in love with them, it really opened my eyes to almost another world of music. I started to appreciate more genres of music.

    BQ6: Well, through Zeppelin, I found out how much I adored The Who, Chuck Berry, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Jethro Tull and Cream.

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    BQ1: No favorite song changes too often

    BQ2: I listen to albums more

    BQ3: N.I.B. by Black Sabbath (No link cause im on an iphone)

    BQ4: For me the most revolutionsry albums for me were The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix, The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, and Close to the Edge by Yes. Most of all Dark Side of the Moon

    BQ5: I heard of Pink Floyd from my Sensei in Karate. He really made me go towards progressive rock and move complex music.

    BQ6: The most influencial bands to me are The beatles and Bullet for my vallentine. They were the two stsrting points for my two worlds of music genres. Bands like them and bands like those all link eventually.

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    The Arctic Monkeys.

    BQ: "She's Thunderstorms"

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    BQ2: Albums. I look at it as the single attracts me to the artist and then I listen to their other songs and if I truly like them, I will purchase their album. Why limit yourself to just the singles of the band? How about ALL their music?

    BQ3: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons

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    BQ4: album: "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"

    song: "Teddy Picker"

    BQ5: My brother. Ever since I listened to them, I got into the loop of alternative and indie music which I now adore. Before my brother introduced me to them, I listened to only what my parents listened to - classic rock. That's not bad, but I am glad that I found this style of music.

    BQ6: Pretty much everything I listen to now stemmed from them in some way or another. Now I listen to The Strokes, Phoenix, The Wombats, Bon Iver, The Black Keys, White Lies, Grouplove, etc.

  • Darby
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    Van Morrison

    BQ: Rusty Cage cover by Johnny Cash

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    BQ2: Albums

    BQ3: Leave My Body by Florence + the Machine

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    BQ4: Tupelo Honey - Starting a New Life

    BQ5: My maternal grandfather introduced me to the Belfast Cowboy. It opened up a whole other world of music for me as a child, because I'd mostly only listened to punk and the occasional classical artist that my father suggested.

    BG6: I'm much more into blues and folk now.

  • Jeff
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    BQ: Tiny Little Robots by Cage The Elephant

    BQ2: Singles right now, I haven't gotten many albums yet.

    BQ3: Hole - Babydoll

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    BQ4: In Utero and The Other Improv

    BQ5: Forgot but i heard Heart Shaped Box first and thought it was a sick track. I opened my eyes more.

    BQ6: The Beatles, Hole, Mudhoney, The Clash, L7 cant think of more?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maximum the Hormone. They're a japanese metal band and make me like music in other languages.

    BQ: The End Of Prom Night by Snow White's Poison Bite

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    BQ2: Singles

    BQ3: Reprobate Romance by Blacklisted Me

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    BQ4: Album - Buikikaesu/ Song - What's Up People?

    BQ5: I found them on the anime "Death Note" and they're one of the reasons I started playing the drums.

    BQ6: I listen to alot fo Japanese metal bands like UVERworld

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    I have several:

    1. Bad Religion

    2. Nirvana

    3. Iron Maiden

    4. Children of Bodom.

    Bad Religion introduced me to music in general. Nirvana showed me what alternative music was. Iron Maiden introduced me to metal. Children of Bodom introduced me to extreme vocals.


    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ2: Albums


    Youtube thumbnail

    BQ4: Run to the Hills off of The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden

    BQ5: Children of Bodon left me wanting more. So I looked for more bands.

    BQ6: Decapitated, Septic Flesh, and Wolves In The Throne Room

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    Good, in my humble opinion, you cannot say Elvis particularly converted some thing about rock n roll, considering that you can't trade something as your inventing it. The Beatles transformed it a lot, they took the do-wap out of rock. Numerous rock bands owe their existence to the Beatles. The Stones, The Who, The Kinks, and the Yardbirds, all got here out with tune that was most often encouraged by using the Beatles, although i am certain they'd on no account admit it.

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