I think I have ASMR and Misophonia at the same time?

Okay so first of all, if you don't know what either Misophonia or ASMR are, then go find out on the internet. But basically Misophonia is the hatred of sounds, and ASMR is where a certain sound causes intense pleasure in your head - kind of like an orgasm in your brain.

The sounds I hate (my Misophonia triggers) are the sounds of chewing and heavy breathing, whenever I hear these I just want to punch the person who's generating the sound, throw things, yell out in anger, etc..

The sounds I love (my ASMR triggers) are button presses, typing on a keyboard, clicking a mouse, etc.

I especially like the sound of the bumper buttons on the Sega Saturn Mark 2 controller.

Both Misophonia and ASMR are fairly rare in people (Misophonia is more common than ASMR though). ASMR is so rare that it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page about it. So how is it that I've ended up with both of these rare diseases? Although neither of them is really a disease, there is no physical evidence in the body to show why either of them happens. And it isn't passed down though family (I'm the only person in my family with either of these). Nor is it contagious - I've know some of my friends since I was a young child and they have never once got either of these, so obviously I'm not spreading it around like say, then common cold.

Just wondering.

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  • izzy
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    8 years ago
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    What on earth made you dig those up?

    I doubt if your responses are that extreme, there are sounds many people dislike - spitting, sniffing, for me a soprano singing a high note, the radio gets switched off stat.

    We all love certain sounds - gently lapping water, a particular phrase in music, watching somebody left handed write aso...

    Maybe your friends react in these ways too, we don't often share these reactions.

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