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What phone is best iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3?

What phone is best to have iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3? I've heard that the Samsung galaxy battery only lasts for 6hrs and what's the best for apps?

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    Galaxy s3 hands down.

    Galaxy s3 features

    Quad core processor.

    Several days of battery life.


    Better camera with more features such as burst mode.

    Will soon get Android 4.1 jellybean.

    Turn by turn voice navigation (said to be superior to apple maps)

    Better Customization

    Built in FM radio

    Play videos and text at the same time.

    Micro SD card. Double your storage size.

    NFC. Use your phone as a credit card and more

    Multiple buttons.

    4.8 inch super AMOLED plus display.

    Open source market. You can download torrents and emulators.

    More durable. Uses polycarbonate instead if glass.

    Thinner and lighter than the iPhone.

    The iPhone has none of these features and is only popular because of the brand... its way too common these days anyways.

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    Hi Shauna,

    As I'm sure you are aware the iPhone 5 is not actually out yet so nobody knows exactly what features the handset will have, however our blog offers various reviews on both the iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S3. We also have a wide range of excellent deals on both phones which may be worth you looking into. Alternatively you pop into one of our stores for a demo on the S3 and or the iPhone 4s (providing they are in stock) or just for some general info on the current rumours that surround the iPhone 5.

    Here's the link to the blog where the reviews are hosted:

    Hope that helps,

    Thanks Ciara :)

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    The iPhone 5 (it will come out in late September) is not out yet, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 is much better, It is the best phone on the market. Oh, and just in case you don't know, Samsung made Siri, Retina Display, and even the chips for the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is much better than the iPhone

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    I prefer Samsung Galaxy S3 unlocked, I bought mine here:

    Phone works very well with very good battery life. With moderate to heavy use I can get over 24 hours. Going all day is not an issue.

    Yes, it is only 3G in order to own the quad core. The U.S. 4G dual cores will be out soon.

    On WiFi I can download large Flash intensive pages in 2-3 seconds. Faster than anything I have seen. On 3G it appears to be as fast as Sprint Epic 4G Touch (in 3G mode). Maybe the Sprint Galaxy S2 is faster in 4G mode but I haven't tested it against my other phone. The AT&T 3G is reaching spots where Sprint 3G and 4G were not getting. And as a disclaimer, I am not a fan of AT&T. Reception seems very good. No dropped calls and it is perfect inside my house (which has been very difficult for almost every other phone I have owned). I have not tested reception extensively.

    I pay about $140 a month with no contract for service. That is unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB/mo of data. A bit pricey.

    There are a couple of things I dislike about the operating system, but it is overwhelmingly an upgrade from Android 2.3.6. The camera is not quite as fantastic as I was hoping for. But maybe that is because the S2 camera is so good, it was hard to improve on it. I am talking about picture quality, not features. The picture quality of my S2 seems better.

    The notification system is all or none. You get beeped for a text, but also for every new email. Wish that wasn't the case.

    I really like the S2 screen. There is something about it, the S3 cannot top. I do like the fact the screen is bigger on the S3.

    One question I had was the charger. It came with a U.S. 110 Volt charger and not the European 220V. That was good to see. It is compatible with Samsung's other chargers.

    I think this is the best price over the Internet:

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    Well, since the the iPhone 5 isnt out yet, nobody knows exactly what features it will have. Most people, including myself, believe it will have a 4 inch screen, new design, NFC, A5X chip and 4G. If that is true, then the iPhone 5 might be the better phone out of the 2, mainly because the Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S3 is disappointing compared to Super LCD screens used by Apple and HTC, and the iPhone 4s camera is already amazing, improving on it will make for an unbelievable camera-on-a-phone.

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  • yes battery problems with s3 ....they do not drain out , but the phone becomes too hot as you use it ....

    Samsung galaxy s3 the best phone for now !! It has andriod so then you have all the iphone apps and other apps too........

    BUT I PHONE 5 will have some interesting technology aspects...

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    Samsung galaxy s3 the best phone!! It has andriod so then you have all the iphone apps and other apps too, trusts me please, you won't be sorry I have a S2 and very happy about it!! My brother has a S3.

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