my Mazda RX8 wont start?

Iv just brought a 53 plate mazda Rx8 to break and sell for parts, I knew it had engines problems but i would like to try and figure out what the problems are exactly, when i turn the key it makes a noise but doesn't fire, and after a minute I can smell the petrol, I was just wondering weather this is a common problem and easy to fix?

thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    The first thing to do is to get it unflooded. If one of these engines floods to badly you fill the rotors with raw gasoline and the result is blown gaskets in the rotor housings. These gaskets (special O rings) are not cheap, but not as expensive as the rotor seals. If you can do a pressure test for the cooling system. Doing a compression test requires a special device that is not cheap.

    Now taking apart a Rotary engine is not hard, but it takes special care for cleanliness. Some report they can take one apart, but new gaskets in it, reassemble it and have it running in less then two hours. But for a first timer, it can take days.

    So my guess is that the seals (gaskets) between the rotor housing assemblies are blown and need replaced. The O-ring set is about 300 dollars US and a set of gaskets for the rest of the tear down runs about 100 dollars. Bad apex seals for the rotor get real expensive. There should be sources besides Mazda some where on the internet that can ship to you. I priced the parts at

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  • 8 years ago

    The rotor tips are probably worn out. This means there is no compression, so the fuel is not igniting - that's why you can smell it. Fairly common, as these engines need to be treated with great tlc - unfortunately most people don't and that leads to their poor reputation for reliability. New engine is the fix.

    Source(s): ex mechanic
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yup, most of these cars end up scrapped because of knackered engines. It's probably low compression as a result of worn rotor tips, that's what usually happens to them.

    Dreadful cars, they promised so much and now, after less than 10 years, most of them are in scrapyards.....

    You won't even get that much breaking it for bits because there are thousands of well cared for, low mileage RX-8s all over the country with their hapless owners trying to sell off the good bits that no-one needs because everyone wants good engines.

    Now if you'd bought a crash damaged one with a good engine you'd have been quids in.....

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  • 8 years ago

    This is a small (1.3 liter) double rotary engine. Sounds like you arehaving a SPARK issues caused by distributor or coils Since there are only a few moving parts in this engine, no CAMS, no VALVES, no PUSH RODS, etc, their only vulnerability is to the SEALS on the apex of each rotor corner. Other than that, they are BULLET PROOF, but not as efficient as other engine types. If you are smeeling petrol, then check the FUEL RAIL and FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR. For SURE check for spark. GOODLUCK!!

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