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Why does the Jehovah's Witness organisation make claims about the risks of blood transfusion knowing it to be?


Watchtower magazine, October 5th, 1993:

"The Jehovah's Witness' patients decision to forego blood transfusions for major surgical procedures appears to add 0.5% - 1.5% mortality to the overall operative risk ...Less clear is how much morbidity and mortality are added by this practice, but they probably exceed the risk of not being transfused".

Awake! Magazine, November 2nd 1993, quotes selectively from an academic paper, but fails to mention the following from said paper:

"The risk of mortality from blood transfusion equals that of anaesthesia or appendectomy; In the London area there has been one death reported for every 13,000 of blood transfused" (0.0077% mortality rate). 

Having all the facts it requires it its possession, and many more studies concerning the mortality rates from blood transfusion freely available, does it not seem as if the organisation have attempted to make the original claim knowing it to be false - Jehovah's Witnesses are 130 times more likely to die than non-Witnesses (remember that so-called "bloodless surgery" is available in only 200 hospitals in the world), thereby breaking the 9th Commandment, while hoping that the caveat "probably" will override all moral and legal objections? 

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Hong Kong Phooey: Your statistics are falacious: OF COURSE more people die accepting blood transfusions IN ONE DAY, since Jehovah's Witnesses are a tiny group. Now find out the figures in percentage terms. Such contextless numbers mean nothing in any professinal realm.

Update 2:

Redvip2000: Why would anyone not care about people being misread and lied to concerning health risks? What is stopping them from stating openly that their doctrine puts people at more risk than they would otherwise be, but that they still believe it to be important?

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    9 years ago
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    No it is not disingenuous to point out the dangers of blood transfusions in our defense for following God's Law regarding blood.

    The fact of the matter is that most if not all those questioning our belief do so on the false basis of how dangerous it is to refuse a blood transfusion and on the emotional argument that we are going to die or allow our children to die.

    So, the direct argument that logic calls for is to dispel ignorance and refute such dishonest accusations by showing the facts regarding the lack of safety of blood transfusions.

    Further, according to actual facts the more knowledge that is gained the greater the dangers are known of blood transfusions. Blood is just too unique to the individual, and there are just too many bugs out there that cannot be screened for, with new ones arriving constantly. While using only parts of blood makes it safer, the only way a transfusion will be 100 percent safe is when it has no blood components at all in it.

    In this day and age it is extremely surprising when we find anyone in the medical field who adamantly defends blood transfusions even when they may be willing to give blood in some situations. In fact, such a person would find themselves arguing against *enlightened* medical experts who are up on the latest information regarding blood transfusions.

    Though presented as lifesaving, blood transfusions are fraught with risks. They have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of serious injuries! EDUCATED medical personnel know that there have been repeated studies that show the death rate and recurrence of cancers etc. is often three times worse when a patient receives a blood transfusion when compared with those who refused blood.

    "The Center for Disease Control estimates that as many as 35,000 deaths and 500,000 illnesses a year may be due to the presence of serum hepatitis in blood for transfusions." This is the result of just one complication from blood transfusion. However, there are others which are mentioned in the book Complications in Surgery Management. This book then adds: "In terms of disability and loss of life . . . blood transfusions rival some of our major health problems."

    The book "Complications in Surgery Management" stated: "In terms of disability and loss of life...blood transfusions rival some of our major health problems."

    "The bloodletting of yore has been superseded by blood transfusion. Of all the ridiculous medical practices of the past and present times, this present blood craze is the worst." - -Dr. G. Boni and Dr. P.Lafarge, "Let's Live", March 1970

    "If blood was a new drug it wouldn't receive a product licence."--Tom Lennard, Royal Victoria Infirmary

    Dr. J. Brian McSheffrey, medical director of a regional blood transfusion service, testified that he draws attention to the problem by saying in lectures: "If you have to give a transfusion, you've either failed in diagnosis or failed in therapy."

    "From what we now know about the dangers of blood, we can say that Jehovah's Witnesses have been vindicated." --A renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeon



  • 9 years ago

    To expand on this question further.

    Why is that even important??? The reason why the Watchtower forces JWs to refuse blood transfusions has NOTHING to do with any risks. It's a doctrinal issue, not a health issue.

    Further, blood transfusions are not done for fun. Nobody goes and has a blood transfusion because they are bored. This is done when the situation is extremely critical and it's a life and death situation.

    In a life and death situation, side effects are really not all that important. The main concern is to save the precious life, and figure out the rest later.

  • 9 years ago

    The witnisses said the world would end in 1975.

    Then when it did not happen it slipped to 1984.

    Then when this generation(1914) passes away.

    It all keeps the faithfull ,pouring the cash in and the guys at the

    top on the gravy train,big cars fancy houses,and of course it beats working

    for a living!

    Dont bother arguing with them about religion or blood transfusions,just give

    them hard facts about the above and evolution,they no longer call here!

    But youve got to admire the brain washing,its total!

  • NoName
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    You are really not up to date with medical professionals are you? Do some research and you will find more die in one day from blood and blood born illness in ONE DAY than the total of any JW who refused blood. Or maybe you missed where the Red Cross was fined millions for blood safety lapses.

    Please, don't let facts from professionals get in the way of your boring rant. Maybe reading others webpages would have done you some good.

    Here's a site that shows the REAL stats. I'm sorry you are wrong in what you are trying to portray.

  • 9 years ago

    No offense, but you really haven't done your research, have you? It is COMMONLY ACCEPTED that Jehovah's Witnesses were onto something decades ago. You should research what some medical professions have to say on the matter. OH and bloodless clinics are growing in number and in popularity. Are you aware that many medical professionals won't take the risks inherent in blood transfusions?

  • ?
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Your question is false and unrealistic.

    I will give you some links

    so you can find out for yourself that 95% of surgeries nowdays Are bloodless!

    Yeah, for Everybody!!!

    Life Saving Blood Transfusion?

    How Can Blood Save Your Life?

    Bloodless Surgery Information

    Medical Professionals Urge, Abstain from Blood


    Good Health to You!!!

    1. Jehovah is the Source of life. All living things owe their life to God. (Psalm 36:9) Life is sacred to God. Even the life of an unborn child inside its mother is precious to Jehovah. To kill such a developing baby on purpose is wrong in God's eyes.—Exodus 21:22, 23; Psalm 127:3.

    To please God, we must avoid blood transfusions, unclean habits, and unnecessary risks

    2. True Christians are safety conscious. They make sure that their cars and their homes are safe. (Deuteronomy 22:8) God's servants do not take unnecessary risks with their lives just for pleasure or excitement. So they do not share in violent sports that deliberately hurt other people. They avoid entertainment that encourages violence.—Psalm 11:5; John 13:35.

    3. Animal life is also sacred to the Creator. A Christian may kill animals to provide food and clothing or to protect himself from sickness and danger. (Genesis 3:21; 9:3; Exodus 21:28) But it is wrong to mistreat animals or to kill them just for sport or pleasure.—Proverbs 12:10.

    4. Smoking, chewing betel nut, and taking drugs for pleasure are not for Christians. These practices are wrong because (1) they make us their slaves, (2) they harm our bodies, and (3) they are unclean. (Romans 6:19; 12:1; 2 Corinthians 7:1) It can be very hard to give up these habits. But we must do so to please Jehovah.

    5. Blood is also sacred in God's eyes. God says that the soul, or life, is in the blood. So it is wrong to eat blood. It is also wrong to eat the meat of an animal that has not been properly bled. If an animal is strangled or dies in a trap, it should not be eaten. If it is speared or shot, it must be bled quickly if it is to be eaten.—Genesis 9:3, 4; Leviticus 17:13, 14; Acts 15:28, 29.

    6. Is it wrong to accept a blood transfusion? Remember, Jehovah requires that we abstain from blood. This means that we must not take into our bodies in any way at all other people's blood or even our own blood that has been stored. (Acts 21:25) So true Christians will not accept a blood transfusion. They will accept other kinds of medical treatment, such as transfusion of nonblood products. They want to live, but they will not try to save their life by breaking God's laws.—Matthew 16:25.

    Personal Experience:

    From July 2011 to June 2012, I have had 4 surgeries & 4 surgical procedures.

    All bloodless. No post-op infection. Avg., Hosp., stay 4 days.

    I have had 4 other surgeries, (b4 I became a Witness) w/ BTs.

    I had post-op infections. And my avg., Hosp stay was 6 and 3/4 day.

    And I am about to have 1 more surgery, but three procedures will be done.

    In other words: my surgeon will 'work on' 3 different things, while I am under.

    At least 2 wks., b4 surgery, he has me take a common vitamin / supplement

    to make my blood stronger. Pump up my blood, so to speak.

    A nurse, inserting my I.V., had an issue w/ said I.V.

    She turned to me and said: "You have strong valves?"

    I LoL!! And said: "Yes, I guess I do."

    Then told her about not accepting a BT, and the steps I took to make my blood stronger.

    She said: "well, it worked, really well. Your blood and valves are strong."

  • ?
    Lv 6
    9 years ago


    CULT - Any group which deviates from Biblical, orthodox, historical Christianity. e.i. They deny the Deity of Christ; His physical resurrection; His personal and physical return to earth and salvation by FAITH alone.

    1. Does the organization say they are the only one with the truth? Yes = Cult

    2. Does the organization say you can only be saved as a member? Yes = Cult.

    3. If you try to leave the organization will there be repercussions? Yes = Cult

    4. Do many ex-members try to warn others not to join the organization? Yes = Cult

    5. Does the organization claim a special name as vitally important? Yes = Cult

    6. Does the organization have its own versions of God's word? Yes = Cult

    7. Does the organization try to appear different to all others? Yes = Cult

    8. Does the organization try to have totalitarian control over the lifestyle of its members? Yes = Cult

    9. Is the organization excessively active in trying to get new members? Yes = Cult

    10. Does the organization insist on every member being in agreement? Yes = Cult.

    11. Does the organization forbid members from entering the meeting place others to worship? Yes = Cult

    12. Does the organization have names like Apostate for Ex-members? Yes = Cult

    13. Does the organizations funds put literal food in the bellies of the poor on a regular occasion? No = Cult

    14. Does the organization have an, “Us, versus, them” attitude? Yes = Cult

    15. Does the organization have a “paranoid” persecution belief? Yes = Cult

    16. Does the organization make the members feel they are not “good enough” or "not worthy" for "eternal life"? Yes = Cult.

    17. Does the organization try to use all the members free time with meetings, recruiting, etc? Yes = Cult

    18. Does the organization restrict socializing with non-members? Yes = Cult.

    19. Do the leaders of the organization claim some special communication with God? Yes = Cult.

    20. Do members need to forgo some medical procedures because of the teachings of the organization? Yes = Cult.

  • 9 years ago

    Actually they teach that because they take it from what Leviticus 17, compounded on how it is well known that blood transfusions have undoubted in some cases transferred diseases from one person to the other makes it easier for them to continue to preach it.

  • 9 years ago

    Because everything that Jehoba Witnesses teach is false.

  • 9 years ago

    "Please do not copy and paste your answers from other peoples' web pages - thanks."

    Not like you did?

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