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Chaos asked in SportsFootball (American) · 8 years ago

Thoughts on Eli Manning being better than Tom Brady in the playoffs since 2007?

Coincidentally enough, the same year the Patriots got punished for spygate?

Eli Manning: 9 games, 8-1 record, 193/311 (62.1% completion percentage), 2242 yards, 15 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, 0 Super Bowls

Tom Brady: 8 games, 4-3 record, 204/307 (66.4% completion percentage), 2068 yards, 18 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, 0 Super Bowls

Oh yeah, and if Tom Brady fans want to say Brady has been a better playoff QB for the past 5 years because of a higher completion percentage, they mind as well say Peyton Manning is a better playoff QB than Brady career-wise since he has a higher career playoff completion percentage.

Extra Question: If Eli Manning relies so much on his defense, why has he outperformed the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and any other QB you can think of (besides Aaron Rodgers) in the playoffs since 2007, when he started winning?


At Jordan: Believe it or not, the Patriots are the New England Patriots, not the New England Brady's.

Plus, I asked this question after people were getting all worked up over Eli Manning getting a 97 rating in Madden.

Update 2:

Yes, Detroit-Self Made. Peyton Manning is in fact the greatest quarterback of all time.

Update 3:

It was one occasion and it was Randy Moss who burned Revis (who WAS injured. Look at the injury report before week two of 2010. Revis was on it with a hamstring injury). Yes, Brady isn't responsible for every single contribution a Patriot player makes. It's a TEAM. By the way, Brady has never won a super bowl without a top 6 defense.

Update 4:

I'm amused by the thumbs down and thumbs up barrage by collective butthurt Brady fans.

Update 5:

Oh wait, so let me get this straight. You're calling me ignorant when you just posted a whole rant about the Patriots Gay based solely off his Yahoo Answers avatar profile a couple of months ago, that might not have even been his real life photo? Okay bro... say whatever you want.

12 Answers

  • 8 years ago
    Favourite answer

    I can't add anything to the conversation. So i'll just earn my 2 points by letting everyone know that Jordan the Patriots fans is a world class douchebag and a complete homer who can't look at anything objectively. I would not be surprised if he had a Tom Brady blow up doll stuffed under his bed.

    And DK is a retard. With the Packers defense last year, Matt Flynn would have been lucky to lead Green Bay to a .500 record. He's not good. Please, use common sense, and not a joke of a week 17 game that even Packers fans found pointless to watch when judging a future HOF player and scrub who has 2 starts under his belt in the NFL. Please, take your stupid comments with you as you jump off a bridge.

    To even compare the Arm Strength, Accuracy, Mobility and decision making ability of Aaron Rodgers to Matt Flynn is probably the dumbest thing i've ever heard. It's clear that you have no idea what you're talking about. You're basically saying stick any QB in the Packers system and you have a Stat Machine. I believe they are still taking applications for the Football re-education facility in Canada. You need to attend.

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  • 8 years ago

    First off he's not better lets get that out of the way. But those 2 super bowl wins Eli got on New England where very lucky and if your gunna say No then go watch them again because that David Tyree catch was a Lucky catch that set up the game winning touch down, Super Bowl 46 lucky catch by Manningham to set up the game winning drive. Those 2 catches don't happen Giant fans would be silent right now not even thinking of mentioning a word about New England and in Super Bowl 46 the very first play which was a safety really affected the out come of the game if it wasn't called the score to that game would be 19-17 New England ball at the end and all Brady would have to do is drive New England down field to set them up for a Field goal he wouldn't need to throw those Bombs like he did at the end. And the reason Eli has been so "Good" is because of the defense he has to back him up, they get the turnovers or stops on 3rd down Eli takes the Giants in the end zone. Now if Brady had that kind of defense which he didn't because it was ranked 31st in the NFL he would have beat the Giants. And spy gate was in 07 its currently 2012 in case you didn't know, spy gate is really irrelevant because if you did your research you would see that spy gate would only help the offense not the defense but the funny thing is the offense looks like it hasn't skipped a beat the Patriots after spy gate have averaged 320+ yards a game every season. and Brady went over 5000 yards and 30+ TD's won MVP in 2010 where he only threw 4 INT's (Record) so spy-gate really is irrelevant now because that offense is as good as any of them in the NFL. And because of his previous 2 super bowls we throw out the 3 super bowls he won its ridiculous.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes Eli has out performed Brady in that part of his career in the postseason there is no hiding that but then again things like this happen throughout sports since Matt Flynn out performed Rodgers in his own system does that make flynn better I doubt it but it's interesting to see him struggling winning the job in seattle when he was so good in green bay.

    Brady has the highest winning percentage out of any QB with 100 starts in league history. Eli already has more picks then brady does in his career. He is careless with the football and sometimes he just get's lucky.

    Things like this just happen Eli has been getting lucky time after time again how many quarterbacks get to throw a horrible pass to a wide open reciever who somehow hold onto the ball against his helmet. Brady's super bowl losses aren't on himself. If you were watching the games which I know is hard for Jets/Packer fans to do when rodgers chokes to Eli Manning which brings up a point. You said rodgers was never out performed by Eli well he was check out that playoff game.

    Eli Manning: 21/33 330 passing yards 3 touchdowns 1 INT 114.5 QB rating

    Aaron Rodgers 26/46 264 passing yards 2 touchdowns 1 INT 1 fumble 78.5 QB rating

    So before you rip Brady look at Rodgers and tell me why he is different

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  • 8 years ago

    Well it seems like whenever someone wants to talk about Brady and the playoffs, they want to talk about "post-spygate", as if they erased the first half of his career. Yes, Brady has been a bit off in the playoffs these few years, but he has THE MOST PLAYOFF WINS IN HISTORY. The man has 3 Super Bowl rings. If you're telling me that you'd rather have 2 recent Super Bowl wins that 3 Super Bowl wins overall, then be my guess. I won't try to change your mind on that. But damn it, Tom Brady literally is THE BEST PLAYOFF PERFORMER OF ALL TIME.

    Extra Question: You can't say that his defense did not help him out. Eli slightly played better than Brady in SB46, and that's Eli playing the 2nd worst defense in the league.

    @The Patriot Gay: You're ugly and you're fat. If you think I'll get tired of saying that, I won't. Making fun of someone as (and this is not me, but the media) "goodlooking" as Brady might make you feel better, but you're still just a depressed fat *** ugly bastard whose father didn't love you, and you will never get laid in your entire life. Fact.

    @Chaos- So I guess the TEAM scored 30+ twice on the Jets this season, huh? And "Brady has never won a Super Bowl without a top 6 defense"? So the f*ck what? When Tom Brady retires, NOBODY will say 'Tom Brady won 3 Super Bowls, but they were all won with top 6 defenses". That's just stupid and ignorant. When he retires (even before that), I GUARANTEE you that they will say "Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowls, and he was one of the GREATEST to ever play the game". The same won't be said about Eli.

    @Chaos- It was his real photo, because 1) he's been talking about how others are "too scared" to put up their real pictures on their profile pic, and 2) he hasn't been denying sh*t. Even if it wasn't his real photo, he's still probably fat and ugly anyway. And what do you want me to do about him? Let him and every other Patriots hater insult Tom Brady bash at one of the best ever, while I just sit back and nod my head? F*ck no. I'm taking shots at everyone who thinks otherwise.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    seriously STFU troll really brady never won a sb with a top 6 defense? are you retarded 2004 he won with a #20 ranked defense and NO peyton manning is NOT the greatest qb of all time that's an opinion oh and btw peyton won with the number 1 passing defense in 2006 and choked a pick 6 in 09. so GFY. i amused you actually think eli manning is nothing more then top 15 qb. giants were 6-0 after getting back their defensive players from injury. oh and another fact for you giants won because of dropped passes,GREAT-d line and a special teams blunder not cuz of eli. 296 yards passing with ONE touchdown on one of the worse defenses of all time is NOT mvp worthy,should be hakeem nicks imo. i love how you automatically ASSUME everyone is a pats fan, im not, i am a steelers fan

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  • 8 years ago

    This argument again..

    Brady still has one more ring and more valuable play off records:

    Most playoff wins: 16 - tied with Joe Montana

    Highest winning percentage in NFL history

    Only quarterback to start and win 3 Super Bowls before his 28th birthday

    Most consecutive wins, postseason: 10

    Highest single-game quarterback rating: 158.3

    Highest single-game completion percentage, postseason: 93%

    Most completions in a Super Bowl: 32 tied with Drew Brees

    the list goes on and on

    True Brady hasn't been the same but it's not like his stats in total have changed,can't lie the Giants have been the greatest threat to him but a few scratches doesn't tarnish a career. When Eli wins another one it'd be a valid point ,Eli has had to depend on lucky come backs his entire career.

    Thus,i still take Brady over any QB,ever.

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  • 8 years ago

    First off, Peyton is the best QB of all time. He didn't do great in the playoffs, but if anyone's going to argue that he was bad in the playoffs, PLEASE tell me when he ever had just a pretty good defense, and I bet you won't be able to. To win one ring with the absolute garbage he had for defenses for his whole career with the Colts is remarkable.

    Now about Eli/Brady; Eli clearly has outplayed him, plain and simple. The stats show it, the 2 rings to none show it, the games show it. Eli came up in the clutch twice, but in their SB matchups Brady never really had a chance to have a game-winning drive. ON both he had less then 60 seconds, and his defenses let him down both times, not to mention Welker dropping that potential game-sealing pass; even though Brady threw it behind him and too early, Welker is catching that ball 9/10 times. Super Bowl 42, though, was single-handedly Eli displaying his greatness.

    Now that Brady has Brandon Lloyd to stretch the field and keep Welker in the slot, as well as two top 5 TEs and an improved defense, anything short of a Super Bowl win would be a big disappointment.

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  • 8 years ago

    Those stats are a wash. I'll give the INTs to Eli, but everything else that is a individual stat seems to favor Brady. In one more game Eli has thrown around 200 more yards in one more game? Not that impressive. Less TDs, worse completion %. Not something I would have made a question about saying better.

    Lol, dude the very stats you brought to this argument show that, as far as individual stats go, Brady has the edge. Better in more categories.

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  • 8 years ago

    He also is more clutch than his brother. And good play on stats there...I notice you said playoff's and not adding regular season. Cause we know manning is pretty bad in the regular season at least interception wise.

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  • 8 years ago

    Thoughts on Chaos hating the Patriots, more than liking the Jets?

    EDIT: Okay, so why do you hate Tom Brady? Because he has made Darrelle Revis look average on multiple occasions? Because he stops your Jets from winning the divison? Or because he's made your favorite teams rival into a dynasty, and a team of the decade?

    Seriously Tom Brady is Top 3 QB of all time, and he still plans to play for 5+ years, why do you hate him so much?

    EDIT: How about you try defending your team? Instead of using other teams to make Tom Brady look bad. Tom Brady made it to the Super Bowl with one of the worst defenses of all time. If you don't consider Top 3 QB of all time, you're either in denial, or idiotic.

    Also if your going to use the injury excuse, Rob Gronkowski was injured in Super Bowl 46. If he wasn't, we would have probably won. Given his injury, Eli Manning had the better receiving core, and a weaker defense going against him.

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