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Best place to go on holiday in south France?

I am looking for a small town to stay in next year for a week in the south of France, we have already done the major areas such as nice, st tropez, marseille, toulon etc and would like something different next.

Can you recommend me some nice towns by the sea with good beaches and plenty of places to visit nearby, or maybe somewhere inland a bit with some nice scenery and walking/hiking trails around lakes and hills?


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    A great place is the Mercantour national park, you can stay at Saint Martin Vesubie and explore around.

    The town of Baduen, by the lake of Sainte Croix, at the Verdon regional park.

    Tourrettes sur Loup is a charming town, lots of arts.

    Saint Rémy de Provence and Manosque, very nice too.

    I stay at Sainte Maxime, at the seaside, 15' from St Tropez but quite different from the crazy summer of St Tropez. Nice medieval towns around which you probably visited while being in St Tropez : Grimaud, Gassin. Apart from some little traffic jams around 11 AM, when most people go to the beach, it's a nice town and beaches are not as crowded as they are at bigger cities.

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    Southern France is one of the most irresistible places for tourists. Usually the sun shines all year round and there are some wonderful places to visit in South France. Southern France is the best place to go for a memorable holiday trip. Collioure is one of the beautiful and picturesque places in southern France, this place definitely deserve a visit. There the amazing sea is surrounded by beautiful mountains, you can relax on the magnificent beach-side and its impressive harbor, and there are restaurants along the beach side as well. There are three other beaches in collioure that are separated by castle and church. It is close to Spanish harbor. Collioure is the best place to visit in Southern France. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the south of France. You can swim in the calm serene water of collioure or hike on the beautiful mountains. Furthermore this impressive port has many art galleries. You can enjoy swimming, hiking, visit the royal castle, church, the narrow streets, art galleries and can relax on the Mediterranean bay. Collioure is the best place to visit in Southern France; it’s the little precious gem of France.

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    Some of the best places to visit in south France are Pont du Gard, Lac du Salagou and Pont du Diable. I've only been to Lac du Salagou but I've seen pictures of the other two and they look like awesome places to visit and go swimming.Check out this site:

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    What about Corsica? We had a fantastic holiday in Porto Vecchio, at Hôtel Carré Noir. They have rooms and villas, but either case the view is stunning, and the services are excellent.

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    hi, It possibly relies upon on your age and what you prefer to do. the coolest section is finished of b&bs, bars,resturants, and a marketplace position, all amenties are on the point of the sea coast & airport it really is tremendous. Antibes section is more advantageous oldy worldy, with a great number of outlets, & resturants and an exceedingly slinky harbour (money money money). Juan les pins - is a youthful and flasher section, which has tremendous seashores, extreme priced shops, resturants & nighclubs. i appreciate the S o F and characteristic been throughout, I enormously recommend it, inspite of the actual undeniable reality that it would want to be extreme priced. wish thats powerful BB x

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    Why don't you try further west. The coast near the Spanish frontier is beautiful. Narbonne, Perpignan, are nice cities and you have huge beaches barely 10kms away.

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    Check out the Provence instead of Cote d'Azur.

    It's simply beautiful!!

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