third world countries...?

you find alot of people complaining third world countries always in need of feeding, medics, housing etc. yet they continue to have have to remember these people are from a male dominent culture with little, if not, no say in how they live. they are an easy target to be used and abused by most higher governments. children are married off, raped or however men choose to treat them, apart from how their government decide the control they have over them. As long as these people stay vulnerable and defensless they can be mistreated by those in power for however long they want. everything is around us is corrupt. that includes our own so called queen. because who in their right mind could use up expence like walking on red carpet in public, possess more jewels than they will ever get to wear, live life in the highest possible way and not give a second thought to how many mouths that carpet could feed. why does our queen get charity given to celebrate the jubilee when she is the one who has the power to feed the world...?


that's not an answer...please give your opinion

Update 2:

please don't be sarcastic with your's not from any tabloid

Update 3:

with respect you obviously have no knowledge of the crops governments control as well as other known abuse alot of people suffer.

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  • Martin
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    9 years ago
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    What tabloid did you get that from

  • 9 years ago

    One thing is certain, the people in this country are very generous when it comes to helping those in need, like the third world countries you have indicated to.You are also right on the matter that most those countries a re male dominated. Its also a matter of tribal warfare which sucks out the major factor

    of the finance that is offered in the purchasing of weaponry.

    Yes the leaders have learnt long ago, that the aid can be used for personal gain, without redress, because the suffering continues with their blessing.

    AS for our Queen, hardly a comparison, after all its our history that has placed her in the position she occupies and at present with the blessing of the British People.

    When you talk about corruption, we have seen plenty both in the Banking establishment and in Politics.

    We can only watch those who are allowed to play, where greed and dishonesty are the rules of life.

  • 9 years ago

    Well for one, in those poor countries, you have people having 6-7 children which makes the situation even worse. They have no good economy, so that means more starving people. I'm American, but it is survival of the fittest. Unfortunately, that's life. I would love to help people, but unfortunately, I have to provide for myself. Unless they unite or advance their country pass the Mesolithic era, they're going to be dirt poor. Technology and great thinking is what got us this far in the west (Europe and North America primarily).

  • 4 years ago

    The US isn't heading to emerge as a majority Spanish talking nation. While immigrants from latin the usa would possibly not recognise english, their youngsters will. By the 3rd new release, hispanic youngsters wont recognise any spanish. Being that stated, to be able to out rule the US fitting a 3rd global nation considering that of Spanish.

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  • wtinc
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    9 years ago

    Well instead of just tell us about it do something like hire a group and go take over the country and then you can change it.

  • 9 years ago

    britain & other countries slaughtered millions & milked numerous nations of any wealth

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