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Hockey fans-Predictions for 2012-13 season and playoffs?



2-Pens (as much as it pains me to say this)







9-New Jersey (barely missing a playoff spot, loses last game)













6-Minnesota (don't give me ****, devils fans)


8-San Jose






14-Columbus BJs

15-I couldn't remember 15th western team


NYR defeats Ottawa in 5, then Pens in 7, finally Flyers in 6.

MIN pulls off an upset, sweeps Ducks in 4. Knocks Chicago out in six, wins the CF against Kings in game 7 OT.


3 main possibilities

NYR sweeps MIN in 4.

NYR wins in six/five

MIN wins in game 7 OT. Hey, the Kings were eighth seed last year, remember?

Your thoughts?

Only problem is, I live in New York City and love the Rangers. I grew up in Minnesota, though.


EDIT: Sorry, I forgot st Louis and forgot about the divisions. I've been stuck playing NHL 12. St. Louis goes in Ducks spot, ducks take 8th spot. Everybody below 8th spot western moves down. Kind of an idiot to forget about divisions.

Update 2:

I kind of doubt LA will be able to repeat, they didn't make any offseason moves and they're not really dynasty material.

Update 3:

Plus, Washington lost Semin (teehee) in free agency. I can see the Canes maybe taking Ottawa's spot. I don't think Washington will be the same level team as last year.

Update 4:

Phoenix making the playoffs depends whether they re-sign Doan. I'm thinking he might actually go to the Rangers, he's clearly interested. If Minnesota has the cap space, but I don't think they do, they should try signing him. Hopefully there isn't a lockout this season.

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  • Brian
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    8 years ago
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    You might as well have just said "everyone make up some bogus plan that has your favorite team winning or being in the finals"

  • 8 years ago


    1. Pittsburgh

    2. Rangers

    3. Philadelphia

    4. Boston

    5. Washington

    6. Carolina

    7. Buffalo

    8. New Jersey


    1. LA

    2. Vancouver

    3. Detroit

    4. Phoenix

    5. Chicago

    6. San Jose

    7. Nashville

    8. Minnesota

    Rangers vs. Detroit in Stanley Cup

    Rangers win

  • 8 years ago


    1. New York R

    2. Boston

    3. Tampa Bay (Lindback and improved defense)

    4. Pittsburgh

    5. Philadelphia

    6. Buffalo

    7. Ottawa

    8. New Jersey (we found ways to win when we lost Niedermayer and Stevens. We have some young talent.)

    9. Winnipeg

    10. Washington

    11. Carolina

    12. Florida

    13. Toronto

    14. Montreal

    15. New York I


    1. Vancouver

    2. LA

    3. St.Louis

    4. Chicago

    5. Detroit

    6. Phoenix

    7. Minnesota

    8. Nashville

    9. Colorado

    10. San Jose

    11. Dallas

    12. Edmonton

    13. Calgary

    14. Anaheim

    15. Colombus

    Buffalo defeats LA to win the cup

  • 8 years ago

    Ok wow where do I start with this one. The odds of any team sweeping a team in the finals is like 15% at best. The 15th team in the west is st. louis and by the way they made the playoffs last year. So how you have them last is ridiculous and not in the top 8 is laughable. Another thing is the way you listed the teams can't happen either. The Pens, rangers, and flhyers are in the same division they can't go 1,2, and 3. If I have to guess the 8 in the east I would say

    1. Rangers (though it sickens me but I say this because of Lundqvist)

    2. Boston- I see another strong regular season but they will implode in the post season

    3. Florida- I don't think it was a fluke they were the third seed before

    4. Pittsburgh- as much as I want to think they will be the top seed it depends on the health of sid, and malkin and if voukon can spell fleury enough.

    5. Washington- I see washington making some improvement

    6. Phildelphia Flyers- it sickens me but they will still be in the top 8

    7. New Jersey Devils- With Brodeur back for another year and the young talent they will make it.

    8. Buffalo- I mean it is a little shocking but I see them in and unfortunately Ottawa is out at the end.

    Sorry no canadian teams make it from the east.

    In the west

    1. Vancouver- a dominant team in the regular season but falters in the playoffs

    2. Los Angeles- they won't take anyone by surprise

    3. St. Louis with their goaltending they will be a dominant team

    4. Detroit- They are a;ways near the top

    5. Phoenix- I think they will improve

    6. Nashville- despite the losses they are a tight defensive team with a great goaltender.

    7. Minnesota- they will make it with their talent but they are bottom 8 team this yeafr

    8. Chicago- they still have plenty of young talent like toews, and kane with a solid goaltender.

    sorry san jose it pains me to take you out of the top 8 but I have to this year.

    I see the Pens or New Jersey in the finals because of talent, and coaching

    In the west I see Los Angeles making it back.

    I want to believe it will be the Pens and Kings with Pens winning in 7 but it could be the Kings winning in 7. They both have physical great goal scorers, top defensemen that can play well on the power play, great goaltending, great coaching. I think it would come down to the more diciplined team.

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  • Matt
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    8 years ago


    1. Rangers

    2. Bruins

    3. Hurricanes

    4. Penguins

    5. Flyers

    6. Ottawa

    7. Devils

    8. Capitals

    9. Lightning

    10. Sabres

    11. Panthers

    12. Jets

    13. Islanders

    14. Maple Leafs

    15. Canadiens


    1. Canucks

    2. Blues

    3. Kings

    4. Predators

    5. Wild

    6. Red Wings

    7. Blackhawks

    8. Stars

    9. Avalanche

    10. Sharks

    11. Coyotes

    12. Oilers

    13. Ducks

    14. Blue Jackets

    15. Flames

    East Quarterfinals:

    Rangers beat Caps 4-2

    Bruins beat Devils 4-3

    Senators beat Hurricanes 4-3

    Flyers beat Penguins 4-1

    West Quarterfinals:

    Canucks beat Stars 4-2

    Blues beat Blackhawks 4-3

    Red Wings beat Kings 4-2

    Wild beat Predators 4-3

    East Semifinals:

    Rangers beat Senators 4-2

    Bruins beat Flyers 4-0

    West Semifinals:

    Canucks beat Red Wings 4-2

    Blues beat Wild 4-1

    East Finals:

    Rangers beat Bruins 4-3

    West Finals:

    Blues beat Canucks 4-2

    Stanley Cup Finals:

    Rangers beat Blues 4-3

    Source(s): me being a homer
  • 8 years ago


    1. Rangers

















  • 8 years ago

    Here we go. For the Eastern Conference

    1. NYR

    2. BOS

    3. WAS

    4. PHI

    5. NJ

    6. PIT (Cut me some slack I live in Philly)

    7. BUF

    8. 'Habs

    9.TB (I know, but name a good player on them whos name isnt Stamkos, Lecavlier or St. Louis

    10 OTW

    11. Jets

    12. Canes

    13. Leafs

    14. Islanders

    15. Panthers

    For the Western

    1. VAN

    2. Blues

    3. L.A.


    5. Chicago

    6. Ducks

    7. Phoenix

    8. Nashville

    9.San Jose

    10. Minnesota

    11. CAL

    12. EDM


    14. Avalanche

    15. Columbus

    1st Rd.

    NYR over MON in 5

    Boston over Sabres in 7

    PIT over WAS in 6

    PHI over NJ in 7

    VAN over San Jose in 6

    Blues over Phoenix in 5

    L.A. over Ducks in 7

    Chicago over Detroit in 7

    Second RD.

    PHI over Boston in 7

    PIT over NYR in 6

    Chicago over VAN in 7

    Blues over L.A. in 7

    Conference finals

    PHI over PIT in 6

    Blues over Chicago in 7

    And for the Cup: (Drumroll please...)

    PHI over STL in 7.

    Source(s): Im a homer. The difference is I admit it.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I live in Connecticut, have family in both Boston and New York. I'm a diehard Rangers and Bruins (Original Six) fan.

    So it's cool to like Minnesota and New York for similar reasons.

    I like your final prediction.

  • 8 years ago

    did anyone realize the top team in each division gets one of teh top 3 spots in the conference??

  • Rico
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    8 years ago

    Same results as the 2004-05 season.

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