Whats better iPad 3 or iPhone 4s?

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I've currently hav the iPad 3 which I use for making movies but now need a phone and was told that the iPhone 4s does the same job
Is this true?
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Most apps available for the iPad are also available for the iPhone - but not all of them. And of course on the iPad you have a bigger screen, which makes using many apps a lot easier. Check to see if the specific apps you like on the iPad are available on iPhone, and if so try to see a demo of the app on iTunes or YouTube to see if it will work out for you.

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  • Hayden answered 2 years ago
    Iphone is for making a call. Ipad is for working. That's what I personally think. depend on your preference. I would suggest Ipad =D haven't made call often since many instant messenger apps provided.
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  • Anthony answered 2 years ago
    They are both made from apple only difference is that the iphone can call.
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  • New York Inc answered 2 years ago
    both are ok.
    a new revised version of the ipad 3 will be released next month along with the next iphone and ipad mini.
    id wait til then before buying.
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  • Erik answered 2 years ago
    It depends on your preferences. The iPad 3 will have a bigger screen (of course) and better speakers. The iPhone 4S will be more mobile.
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