Who were your favorite DBZ characters?

1.) Vegeta. Despite that he was a very cool villain (also Brian Drummond's voice work for him the Ocean Dub was so badass and fitted him perfectly) and after Namek in the Andriod saga was my favorite time for Vegeta and he got his *** kicked a lot after that he was still VERY badass.

2.) Goku. The main hero in almost every series is cool and he was VERY badass in the Saiyan & Namek saga. He kind of became more comic relief in the Android & especially the Buu Saga (which I didn't mind that much).

3. Future Trunks. Future Trunk just plain awesomeness, when you first saw him before he kicked Frieza's *** you KNEW he was badass and his character development was very good and he's badass like his father and can kick ***, and unlike his GT counterpart he's not a scarf wearing pussy. However I didn't really like Kid Trunks he was kind of annoying and didn't get the same haracter development

4.) Gohan. When he was a kid he was annoying then cool then Cell came & he turns into A MAJOR BADASS. But in the Buu saga like his dad he becomes comic relief and I can't take him as seriously and wonder where's the badass I grew up watching on TV.

5.) Pikkon. Always thought he was cool. Took out Cell & Frieza by himself & his fight with Goku was awesome.

I also like Piccolo but those are my top 5.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You mean who ARE my fave characters.

    These are my favourites right now, as they always change. Except the first one.


    Still the most badass anime character ever and probably the template for all that followed. The ONLY character I could think of that shouldered the trials of life ALONE. He went through torture and disgrace since he was kid, with only Nappa and Raditz on his side. Then he could STILL overcome his pride and desire for freedom and settle down with a family.

    Man, no words can describe how epic this character is. Still the greatest warrior that has ever lived.

    Vegeta's finest moment ~


    Youtube thumbnail

    2) Krillin - Loveable little bold midget. I think he never gets enough credit, neither as a fighter, nor as a character. He was a cunning little piece of sh*t in Dragon Ball and went to become the most proportionately useful characters later.

    3) Picollo - the original Demon King that is, not the pus$y he became later on. I hate how they made everyone so dumb in the Buu saga except the chibis. Anyway he's one of the more interesting characters. If you watch one of the older movies, he kicked @ss.

    4) Future Trunks - probably the most down to earth person in DBZ. He's just a good guy who went through a lot but is still a Saiyan, that makes things interesting. Definitely his father's son. Besides, if I don't include him it'll be the END OF ALL OF US! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    5) Bulma - Crazy. Little. B*tch. Bulma is the most versatile of the bunch, and really just all around one of the best characters. Plus, she added a whole lot of liveliness to the series.

    Here's my other choices ~


    Dragon Ball had the better rounded characters IMO but Frieza, Cell, Android 18 & 17, Picollo and Vegeta simply stole the show.

    When I'm trying to describe/ analyse DBZ characters they appear so one-dimensional and boring but when you're watching 'em, they're just amazing and quirky.

    DBZ is a masterpiece from start to finish. If I were to describe it with one word I'll call it MAGIC. Seemingly so flawed and lucking while in reality being the most engaging show I've ever watched. The fanbase speaks for itself, that's for sure.

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Vegeta. He is so cool and bad ***, however so, he stills cares for his family. I always love him~~

    2. Gohan. Eeks! I love the saga when there is Videl and him in high school and the part when he turns mystic gohan is really cool too!

    3. Goku. U may be wondering y i put him so behind, cause I really dun like the way that goku always 'abandons' his family and the fact that he is the one that always winning and not vegeta!

    4. trunks and goten. When they were small and were always playing together! Oh my gosh~~ so cute!

    5. Piccolo. I like it that at first, he was the bad character and because of gohan, he became good. I always loved their silent interactions!

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  • delaun
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    8 years ago

    Teen gohan- he's just too awesome

    goku- enough said there

    Mr. Popo- love saying his name

    Piccolo- bad *** right there

    Gogeta- any one that kicks *** as a piece of chocolate is on this list

  • 8 years ago

    Goku is my favourite. He is the best, even Vegeta admitted it.

    Piccolo is really cool and I also like Tien and Yamcha. I just wish their power levels increased more along with the Saiyans so they didn't become so pointless...

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Gohan teen version. Trunks future, goku, vegeta, ten chin ha, lol I loved when he held off cell so the androids could get away, Tri-Beam Ha!

  • 6 years ago

    Trunks and Goten.

    They have the most potential out of all the Z fighters and they are hillarious together but of course GT had to ruin it all by changing their fun personalities. 😤

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    in order


    teen gohan, the badass one not the nerdy one

    future trunks

  • 8 years ago

    My favourite was Goku^_^ because his alwasy the good guy that usually trys to give his enemies a second chance^_^

    at one stage I liked Tien(lol) only because I had a crush on him......Year:/ lol I was only 10^_^ anyways yere^_^

    Thanks your'e awesome!

    Source(s): when I was younger I would watch Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z with my older brother who loved it! it brang many good memories♥
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Android 18 because she did a porno with Krillen.

  • 8 years ago

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