Who's better Paul Scholes or Steven Gerrard?

In my opinion Gerrard but what do you think?


Gerrard has won 36 individual awards scholes has won 9 goal ratio Gerrard 0.26 Scholes 0.22

Gerrard got more assists facts don't lie people. You all are probably man utd fans or being sarcastic.

Update 2:

Zidane said in 2009 that "Gerrard is the best player in the world" comparing Gerrard to scholes is an embarrassment to football because any logical person will say Gerrard i put this question out because i wanted to know how people will react will they be biased or unbiased as you can see majority of people are biased man utd supporters.

Update 3:

pele even said neymar is better then messi so pele don't know anything.

Zidane is more smarter then pele.

Gerrard single handedly won liverpool the champions league in 2005 I've never seen any player do that.

Statistics dont lie Gerrard is better just admit it oh you won't your a man utd fan.

Update 4:

Statistics are facts look at the statistics and you will see who's better.

Update 5:

Look at individual awards Gerrard has won pfa player of the year scholes has never won that.

Update 6:

You lot haven't got a case zidane has been world player of year if a players awards and ratio is better then the player is obviously better zidane has won more awards then lampard thats why he is better then him. Gerrard got more awards and better ratio you lot are jokes though i can never take man utd fans seriously you lot will probably say tomorrow that berbatov is better then messi.

Update 7:

Wow you just copy and pasted it from the same question sent 1 year a go nice going your just contradicting from what you said earlier opinions are not facts.

Update 8:

Your just making your self look stupid. I could make down a list as biggest the pacific ocean on what people have said about gerrard being the best but I'm not gonna do that.

Update 9:

Ive seen scholes play in his prime i still believe Gerrard is much better scholes is good but not better then Gerrard.

Update 10:

@I Wake Up To The Sound Of Music lol your starting to swear now calm down insulting people is not gonna get you anywhere my argument was informative and well conducted. Anyways forget about scholes and Gerrard think about your self where are you in life. please don't give me another one of your hate comments.

Update 11:

Point of this question was to get peoples opinion who aren't man utd fans obviously I'm not gonna take man utd fans comments into account because they will be biased.

Update 12:

It does your gonna back up the players who play for man utd thats how it makes you biased.

Update 13:

Im not biased and how do you know i support liverpool?

Update 14:

Your just assuming things.

Update 15:

@I Wake Up To The Sound Of Music

Again your swearing still didn't answer my question. where are you in life lol your not gonna get another chance to answer that question, your language is awful you better fix up.

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  • 8 years ago
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Scholes has always been the man behind Man Utd's success but he doesn't get the credit he deserves like Gerrard does for Liverpool. If Gerrard was in a team with more than 1 star then he wouldn't be the favourite as much. Scholes controls the game where as Gerrard inspires other players. Goals aren't a midfielder's top priority and I think passes complete is the main priority of a top midfielder.

    I'm not really saying one's better than the other but I'd much rather Scholes in my team than Gerrard but maybe that's just me :P

    Also, for that Zidane quote, I'm pretty sure Pele said that if he was playing with Scholes, he'd be much better and score more goals. Pele > Zidane ;D

  • Noelle
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Zidane obviously incurred some serious brain damage as a result of that infamous headbutt - Gerrard will never be better than Paul Scholes or even Gazza !! Nobody could possibly take Zidane seriously any more, especially with rubbish like that coming from his mouth.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Paul Scholes

    My opinion. I think Scholes is better and if you can't take other people's opions then don't ask the question.

    "You all are probably man utd fans or being sarcastic."

    Do you want us all to say Gerrard? From that comment I can tell you are a very biased fan

    If you think it's an embarrassment to compare the two then why are you asking this question in the first place moron? And no one wins anything single handedly. It takes a team effort

    Lampard has better statistics than Zidane. Does that mean he is much better? Statistics and awards don't matter. It is about the players individual performance and work rate

    Edit: it's useless to talk with morons such as yourself. You think facts and statistics make a player better when this isn't true. You can't take a different opinion yet you ask the question. Seriously you think winning more awards makes a player better? Are you stupid or trolling because I'm struggling to figure it out. And I thought king drogba is the most delusional and retarded user I've spoke to here. listen, you're not going to get straight answers for questions like this because you can argue Both ways and United fans can't change your opinion and you can't change our opinions. Not matter what you say. If you're going to ask a question then at least take other people's opinions into account and don't be so biased and one sided. Fcuking idiot

    Edit: I am swearing because you are so stupid. Your argument is informed lol idiot. You say in your answers that it's an embarrassment to compare Gerrard to Scholes yet you're the one who asks the question 'who's better, Steven Gerrard or Paul Scholes' is that not comparing you think a if a player wins more awards and has better statistics then he is better. If that is the case then why do you think Lampard is better than Gerrard? Because Lampard has better statistics. Then you're probably going to say some bull shite like "but Gerrard has won more individual awards"

    "point of this question was to get opinions who aren't man united fans obviously"

    How stupid are you??? You ask 'who is better, Scholes or gerrard' and you don't want united fans opinions? How biased is that lol I suggest you delete this question before anyone else here realises how stupid you are

    Yes I am going to say Scholes is better but I know why Liverpool fans would say Gerrard is better and I would respect their opinions lol like I said before, you can never get straight answer for these sort of questions and yes you are clearly biased but you can not just see it

    It's like me asking. Who's better Rooney or van Persie and not accept opinions of arsenal fans.

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  • 8 years ago

    So if the quotes arent facts then why are you holding the Zidane one dearly? Im just showing you how ridiculous and thick youre being.

    Why dont you go watch some of Scholes games from when he was in his prime.

    Stats and awards dont matter in football. Theyre not a mids main priority.

    Back to square one for you, mate.

    Then if think gerrard is better than i still dont see the point of this question.

    Thanks L&G. Youre so right.

    And why does answering Scholes make you a biased United fan? Can you not handle ithe fact that Scholes is better?

    So then why should we take your question seriously since its by a biased Liverpool fan?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Gerrard easily. If the question is at their peak, then Gerrard wins again. If the question is over the course of their entire careers then its still Gerrard. The more difficult question to ask is Ryan Giggs vs. Steven Gerrard, but for this one, its Gerrard by alot. I say this without discounting anything from Scholes, he's had a great career, but Gerrard is better. The additional statistics you have shown above just backup this case. And yes they are all probably Man U fans trying to protect Scholes.

  • 8 years ago

    who cares anymore

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