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Good scary movies that are actually scary?

Im 13 and ive seen the exorcist (it wasn't scary), prometheus (i laughed), alien (i laughed), aliens (i laughed), fear of the dark (I laughed), american werewolf in london (i laughed), the sixth sense (it wasnt scary), 1408 (it wasnt scary) and a few other that i cant think of... I don't want anything thing like Saw though... but a good scary movie that will actually scare me because non of the movies ive seen have even got mildly scared :/


oh and i forgot to ad Women in black... i didnt think it was scary at all and it wasnt even creepy :/

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    Original Japanese grudge or Ju-On as they call it. Very crazy scary. Especially the second one called the Lady In The White Dress or something like that. The Strangers is not bad if you want a movie about killers instead. Watch anything asian women. Crazy crazy good and scary.

    Source(s): I grew up watching these in my asiam family so i dont get scared by American movies easily
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    The Haunting In Connecticut

    A Nightmare On Elm Street ( Original )

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( 1974 )

    The Strangers

    The Blair Witch Project

    The Human Centipede

    The Unborn

    When A Stranger Calls ( 2006 version is scarier than the 1979 version )

    Child's Play


    Source(s): Seen a lot of horrors, I found them films scary :)
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    You were supposed to laugh at An American Werewolf in was a black comedy.

    At any rate, we're all scared by something different. Me, I LOVE horror films because I love horror films, I watch them for a good time; not to get I don't scare easily. However here are some you might find scary:

    Session 9 (2003)

    The Orphanage (2007)

    [REC] (2007)

    The Ring (2002)

    The Descent (2005)...good if you're claustrophobic

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    4 years ago

    It all depends on what you concider scary. I 2 love scary movies and have a hard time finding films that acttually scare me. One seggestion i have for you is to get with your friends (movies are always scary when wathcing with a group of friends at night, dont noe why but true) so get ur firends go to ur local movie rental store and pick random movies from the horror section. I cant garantee that you will be scared. But it will be fun, me and my friend found laugh are heads off. But you want to be scared so I would suggest checking out (I havent seen some of these but they have scared the crap out of the people i asked) Dead Silence (i didnt get a chance to see this but i heard it was really scary) The Exerocist The Ring Oldboy Cabin Fever Saw (not really scary but a good thriller same with the Saw 2 good thriller) Black Christmas Night of the Living Dead (the one from the 70's) i know there are more but i cant think of any more. Good luck!

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  • Alexis
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    The Blair Witch Project

    Grave Encounters

    The Tunnel

    The Descent



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    Jurassic Park

    The Sound Of Thunder


    Wishmaster II

    Bram Stoker's Dracula

    The Devil's Advocate

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    Ya im on the same page as you. Very few scary movies actually scare me. One movie that did scare me though was i think the grudge? it was a long time ago but pretty sure that was one of the only movies that scared me. In real life though the only thing im scared of is ghosts, so that might have had something to do with it.

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    I've only been scared by one movie. It was night of the living dead. It was the original one but I was like 10 when I saw it so I don't know If I would still consider it scary.

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    Paranormal activity watch 1 2 3

    And devil inside

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    Hi. The silence of the lambs and the woman in black. Both completely shitifying. But for best plot silence of the lambs

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