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If there are 196 countries in the world?

how come there are 204 countries taking part in the olympics.

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    The figure 196 = the 193 UN members plus Vatican City, Kosovo, and Taiwan. Apparently. Neither of the first two have NOCs. Taiwan are excluded from the UN because the USA and China screwed them over.

    The following 11 countries (or 'countries') which don't appear in the 196 but have National Olympic Committees are...


    US territories: American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands

    British territories: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands

    Dutch territory: Aruba

    NZ territory: Cook Islands

    Chineses territory: Hong Kong

    (Note I use the word 'territory' to avoid writing the sometimes very lengthy official statuses/titles)

    Re the three Netherlands Antilles (NA) and single South Sudanese athletes who are competing under the Independent flag: the NA sort of voted itself out of existence a few years ago, and in future their athletes can chose to compete for the Netherlands or for Aruba. South Sudan is a UN member state but hasn't got round to forming a NOC yet.


    192x UN members (193 less South Sudan)

    1x Taiwan (or Chinese Taipei)

    11x non-UN NOCs


    If you're counting nationalities you can add the Netherlands Antilles, bringing it up to 205.

    ALL of whom, I believe, are competing in London.

    Source(s): A mishmash of googling, and quite possibly a little bit wrong in places :-)
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    Their are countries belonging to larger nations, Territories and colonies that while are countries usually are not counted as individual countries. Basically they mainly only count the countries of the united nations which I believe is about 193 countries. Bottom line is that there are more than 196 countries and there is a lot of controversy over this. For example the United

    States doesn't even Recognise Tiwain as an official independent country.

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    There are 196 countries in the world but only 193 are participating (Kosovo, South Sudan and Vatican City aren't). The remaining 11 'countries' are territories/other entities that have been permitted to participate.

    If you check out the link below, it explains things better than I can.

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    There are a number of autonomous territories which are not countries, like Bermuda, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa that have their own National Olympic Committee and compete separately from the nation of which they are citizens/subjects.

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    Trip Advisor lists 238 countries

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    i guess there are 196 independent countries in this world !!

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    their is many smaller countries that arenot that reconized there is over 230 countries

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