Coleco vision and extras?

Hi, I live in south Wales and as a child I built up a nice collection of console games. I have a coleco vision with Atari 2600 attachment. In the line of 30+ games including roller ball for slither and wheel and peddle for turbo.

Anyway, does anyone know a shop where I could sell these. They aren't boxed as they were bought to be played. As far as I'm aware all work, maybe one or two games need points cleaning but no dramas.

Any help appreciated,

1 Answer

  • RichB
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    I would suggest simply selling them on Ebay - or via a friend who is active on Ebay. You won't get as much selling them via a shop (there aren't that many shops that sell old console games to begin with). Search Ebay's Completed Listings over a period of a couple of months or so, to get an idea of selling prices.

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