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Cute girls name to go with siblings?

Okay, so I'm pregnant with my 4th girl and I'm completely stumped for names! I've already got the twins, Sophia Rose and Kristi Jane, 2, and April Elise, 5. My husband likes Lydia but I'm not so sure, middle names aswell please. Thanks

Oh and my last names Wilson if that helps

16 Answers

  • 9 years ago
    Favourite answer

    Amelie Noelle

    Ava Nicole

    Charlotte Joyce

    Lina Genevieve

    Madeleine Aurora

    Olivia Grace

    Rena Claire

    Tahlia Esme

    My favourites are Amelie Noelle, Madeleine Aurora and Rena Claire :)

  • 9 years ago


    Amber Mae Wilson is actually my brothers fiancés full name, so that could work with your other children's names?


    Lydia Grace Wilson- I love the name Lydia ;)

    Amy Mae Wilson

    Ruby Ava Wilson

    Macie Anne Wilson

    Hannah Lydia Wilson

    Lily Isabella Wilson

    Lola Mia Wilson

    Valerie Caite/Kate Wilson

    Sascha Hope Wilson

    Melinda Molly Wilson

    Hope these help


  • 9 years ago










  • 9 years ago








    Source(s): Me:)
  • 9 years ago

    Lydia Olivia Wilson

    Lydia Madison Wilson

    Lydia Laney Wilson

    Lydia Kaylee Wilson

    Lydia Chanel Wilson

    Lydia Jewel Wilson

    Lydia Breanna Wilson

    Lydia Kendra Wilson

    Lydia Libby Wilson

    Lydia Kylie Wilson

    Or maybe use Lydia as a middle name

    Nicole Lydia Wilson

    Deanna Lydia Wilson

    Amber Lydia Wilson

    Tyra Lydia Wilson

    Maci Lydia Wilson

    Aubrey Lydia Wilson

    Farrah Lydia Wilson

    Harley Lydia Wilson

    Erin Lydia Wilson

    Carissa Lydia Wilson

    Riley Lydia Wilson

    Alisha Lydia Wilson

    Brooke Lydia Wilson

    Kaylin Lydia Wilson

    Adeline Lydia Wilson

    Allison Lydia Wilson

    Raven Lydia Wilson

    Amanda Lydia Wilson

    Hunter Lydia Wilson

    Jayden Lydia Wilson

    Aaliyah Lydia Wilson

    Taylor Lydia Wilson

    Alexis Lydia Wilson

    Carson Lydia Wilson

    Casey Lydia Wilson

    Jordanne Lydia Wilson

    Reagan Lydia Wilson

    Makenna Lydia Wilson

    Carly Lydia Wilson

    Lauren Lydia Wilson

    Hope these help :)

  • 9 years ago

    I love your daughters names, especially Sophia and April! I have two daughters named Ruby and Autumn, in case you like either of those. Im 14 weeks pregnant and if its a girl, she'll be named Maria. Lydia is a pretty name! It goes with the rest of your kids too. Here's some other suggestions:

    Layla/Leila Faye

    Caitlin Nicole or Ariel (My names Kaitlyn Sage, but I hate it.)

    Samantha Noelle, Marie or Jo

    Victoria (or just Tori) Renee

    Elena Marie or Skye

    Alexis Kate

    Leah Brooke

    Carissa/Karissa Leigh or Faith

    Mariah Lynn

    Taylor Grace or Anne

    Breanna Irene

    Madison Claire

    Hailey/Hayley/Hailie Marie or Rae

    Kiara Lynn or Noelle

    Halle Isabelle

    Natalie Ella/Elle

    I really like Lydia Kate by the way. :D

    Feel free to mix and match! (:

    Hope I helped and good luck! (:

  • 9 years ago

    I love Madison, Callie/Calli, Kayla and Katie. Lydia is nice too!

    I'm not sure about the middle names though.. I like Mae for a middle name. I think Callie Mae Wilson sounds cute:)

    All the best:)

  • 9 years ago

    Lydia isn't so great...

    try something as classic and beautiful as the names you have already picked out.

    1. Elizabeth- meaning- 'God's daughter

    2. Nikita- meaning- unconquered

    3. Rose- meaning- rose like the flower

    4. Charlotte- meaning- strong

    5. Bethany- meaning- home

    6. Zara- meaning- shining flower

  • 9 years ago


    I was looking through the sibs names and that name goes great. It also goes great with your last name.

    And a great middle name would be Grace.

    Yep, that sounds good, Lavender Grace Wilson!

    Hope I helped!

    God bless you!!! :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    I personally like

    -Janaia (pronounced as spelt) Charlotte


    -Aubrey Grace

    and i think a child would be happy with this name throughout theyre lives.

    Hope this Helps Madde

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