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Covering cuts without sleeves?

Okay I'm a self harmer, and my employer at work found out the hard way because she saw the scars on my hand and made me tell her everything, after a long discussion she told me she didn't want to see it again and I said okay. But last night I got depressed and cut again, I've gotta be in work again tomorrow and I was gonna wear by jumper which has long sleeves to hide it, but the weather forcast says it' gonna be hot and I dont want to sweat, so how can I hide it without facing the heat in a jumper, my only options for work clothing is t-shirt, jumper or body warmer. I really don't want her to see these ones please any ideas?

P.S. The cuts are on my wrist.

Also, I dont wanna see any answers that say "you shouldn't do that... that's need help" etc. People have said this to me before.


Where can I get a bandage from? Just the usual shops, like a support bandage or from the first aid kit?

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    Yeah, yeah, its not good to do that and stuff. But to hide it you could wear a 4 or 5 thick bracelets on each wrist. The ones that are about 1/2 or 1 inch thick.

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    Quick Fix

    Bandages, Gauze, tights, leggings, bracelets


    Fine a Concealer that is most close to your skin tone and apply it on the parts you want to cover.

    Reducing Scars

    - Cocoa butter, rub it couple of times daily on your scars it will hell with the discoloration specially if you are dark skinned.

    - Tanning beds help diminish the appearance temporarily.

    - Bio-oil, gets rid of the pinkness of the scars

    Permanent Solutions

    - Skin Graphs

    - Tattoos

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    8 years ago

    To be honest i don't have sympathy for self harmer's. firstly if these 'self harmer's' really don't want the attention of them cutting them selves why do it in such a visible place? surely doing it on your belly, top of the legs or somewhere yo don't show to anyone achieves what you are trying to do without it becoming attention seeking. because that is exactly what it is. if it wasn't why do it where scars remain forever and everyone knows what it is???? i'm sorry but maybe my answer can be abit of tough love for you. i don't mean to be horrible or rude but its true. if i saw scars on someones arms (which i have) my reaction to it is just "he/she has mental health problems" and its obvious you do. i totally understand the logic of it, you hurt alot inside so you cut to concentrate on physical pain. but you are also coming off as a problem teenager too. go kick boxing or something and take your pain out in a healthy way. all i can say to you is your mental health problems will eventually get better enough to cope with if you seek help. But these scars will stay with you forever. And there will forever be strangers like me who will judge you for it. so why don't you stop cutting and tackle the real problem of why you do it.

    in answer to your question concealer and make up. but to be honest i would get a light long sleeved shirt to wear until they have gone AND DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!! its unprofessional and to be honest i wouldn't employ a self harmer epically if your job involves dealing with the public for them to see your scared arms. seriously.

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    4 years ago

    Fast fix Bandages, Gauze, tights, leggings, bracelets Cosmetics nice a Concealer that is most practically your skin tone and practice it on the ingredients you wish to have to quilt. Lowering Scars - Cocoa butter, rub it couple of occasions everyday for your scars it is going to hell with the discoloration above all if you're dark skinned. - Tanning beds help cut back the appearance briefly. - Bio-oil, eliminates the pinkness of the scars permanent solutions - epidermis Graphs - Tattoos

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  • 8 years ago

    I would suggest wear a bandage type thing and say you sprained your wrist, but that might be a bit obvious. otherwise i wouldnt have an idea unless you cover it with make-up or something

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well im going to say you shouldnt do that because you obviously care more about self harming then working..

    but if your a girl, wear a lot of braclets, or start cutting on your upper thigh so they cant see it. If your a guy, well then start wearing braclets haha

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wrist bands. Not bracelets, but the athletic looking ones.

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    a long sleved t-shirt , a thin one?

    a watch? or if your a girl jewellery?

    a bandage , and if anyone asks say you sprained your wrist

    You can get a bandage from any pharmacy or big supermarket/store

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    8 years ago

    Lots of bracelets. Usually thick ones are the best

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    8 years ago

    wear bracelets/a watch. or you could try sweat bands.

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