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please rate and tell me what you think of my baby names :)?

okay so i have a huge list of boys and girls name, so could you please rate each-one out of 10 (10 being the best) and explain why you like/dislike it. maybe even tell me what type of person you picture with the name; looks and personality wise. & if you don't like the names, if possible explain why on each? doesn't have to be to detailed as there as alot of names just a quick summery if you want :)

Girls names;






Ebbie ( Eb-e)

Keegan (i know sounds like teegan but im not sure which i prefer)






Boys names:






Louis (Lu-ee)







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    Favourite answer

    Teegan - 4.5, I just don't like the sound to it

    Tamara - 5, the name has a nice sassy side to it.

    Kayleigh - 9, Love the spelling, it seems nice and somehow makes me think of the sky.

    Demi - 7.5, nice and unique. You don't usually hear this name. It is very short, which I think makes the name sound cute.

    Keegan - 4, It just doesn't sound right to me.

    Joanne/Joanna - 8, I like Joanne better than Joanna. A cute nickname would be Jo or Joey.

    April - 7.5, this name has a sort of sassy, sweet, and graceful side to it.

    Kara - 9, it's very cute and not too common. A cute nickname would be Carebear.

    Melissa - 7, this name I think would be good on a confident brunette.

    Amelia - 8, this is a unique name, Some cute nicknames would be Ami, Ames, or Mel.

    Mackenzie - 6, to me it just seems a little to feminine.

    Joshua - 8, it's a very nice name. I would see it on a carefree boy. Some nice nicknames would be Joshie or Josh.

    Jaden - 7.5, this is not too common which is good. A awesome nickname would be Jay.

    Louis - 9, I just love how this nickname rolls of of the tongue so nice. I could never go sick of saying Louis. A nice nickname would be Lou. I see this name on a funny and carefree guy.

    Alfie- 8, this name is already basically a cute nickname which I think is awesome. I see this name on a guy who gets along with everybody.

    Adrian - 8, Very cool name. I see this on a guy with brown hair who is a people person and that is musical.

    Romeo - 4, I just can't envision the name on a boy these days.

    Madison - 5, seems a little too girly to me.

    Mason - 7.5, I see this name on a loyal brown or ginger haired boy.

    Marshall - 4.5, I'm not very fond of the name. It seems too much like a last name to me.

    I'm very curious, which names do you like best on the list? hope I helped :)

  • 8 years ago

    Teegan - 7

    Tamara - 4

    Kayleigh -8

    Demi - 1

    Alissa- 9

    Ebbie-10 vey unusual but nice :)


    Joanne-0 seems like an old name lol





    Mackenzie-10 my boys called Kenzie :)











    hope thats the kind of answer you wanted lol :) Xxx

  • 8 years ago

    Girls names;

    Teegan- 8.5 Like it, just not quite my style

    Tamara- 6. reminds me of Tia and Tamara ha

    Kayleigh - 5 never liked it, but it is a nice spelling


    Aylissa- 3

    Ebbie ( Eb-e)- no

    Keegan (i know sounds like teegan but im not sure which i prefer) Teegan is better(:

    Joanne/joanna- 9



    Melissa- 5


    Boys names:

    Mackenzie- girl name. 1

    Joshua(-james)- 9


    Leonardo- 6


    Louis (Lu-ee)-8




    Madison- girl name 1

    Mason -10

    Marshall- 9

  • 8 years ago

    Keegan is a surname where I come from, and a boys name at a push. There is nothing remotely femine about it. I would discount that one.

    Ebbie is also to me short for Ebeniser so not a girls name.





    Are names I like and are a bit less common

    I find Teagan and Alyissa to be a bit trendy and common.

    Whilst Joanna/e and Amelia to be a bit boring.

    Madison and Romeo are not names for real children. Everyone will say Madison is a girls name, I just don't think its fair.

    I don't like Marshal

    Mason and Jaden are too common,

    I prefer just Leo, rather than Leonardo

    Louis and Alfie are nice although again really common where I come from

    Adrian is nice, unusual but not too out there. Ade is a ice nickname.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You just posted about this two other times, I answered and gave you my opinion. However, if you are looking for ratings, I will give you ratings.

    Teegan (2) It sounds like Keegan and I prefer it as a boy's name.

    Tamara (0) I just hate it and it isn't my taste.

    Kayleigh (4) I prefer it spelled Kaylie and I really just don't like it.

    Demi (2) Reminds me of Demi Lovato and Demi Moore.

    Aylissa (0) Incorrectly spelled. It should be Alyssa or Alissa. I just don't like it anyway.

    Ebbie (0) Where did you get this? It's very ugly and tacky.

    Keegan (7) Once again, I prefer it as a boy's name.

    Joanne/Joanna (0) I just hate both of these.

    April (0) I think it is ugly, I wouldn't name my kids after months of the year.

    Kara (6) It's okay, but I wouldn't use it.

    Melissa (5) it's a so so name, but I Personally don't like it because of my cousin.

    Amelia (7) sort of cute, but I wouldn't use it personally.

    Mackenzie (0) I don't like it for boys, and I just don't like the name, period.

    Joshua (6) I like the name Josh by itself, but it really isn't my style.

    Jaden (9) Very cute and I love it for both boys and girls. :)

    Leonardo (10) take the -o off of it and I love the name. My favorite boy's name is Leon.

    Jacob (4) I think it's okay, although I prefer Jacoby.

    Louis (0) I just don't like the name

    Alfie (0) don't like it at all.

    Adrian (0) Once again, I hate it.

    Romeo (-10) HATE IT! Reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, which isn't bad, but I just hate the name.

    Madison (8) I prefer it on a girl but it is cute for both genders.

    Mason (10) It is on my name list, i absolutely love it! My 2nd cousin's name is Mason. :)

    Marshall (0) Reminds me of my guitar amp.

  • 8 years ago

    teegan,keegan,joanne,amelia- 8/10

    tamara, kayleigh,demi,alyssa,ebbie,kara,april,melissa-4/10




  • 8 years ago

    Tamara a very strong with personality and integrity

    Kara.....pretty a soft rich girl

    Kayleigh a very intelligent, the name is not very common.

    Aylissa, intelligent, there a doctor on t.v. very intelligent

    Melissa, pretty girl, soft, intelligent

    Melia instead of Amalia. Amelia sound old fashion

    I prefer Teegan, not very common, Keegan would sound pretty bad in Spanish if you change the e for an a. You know how they are using the bullyng in school.


    Joshua........strong, intelligent

    Adrian, a very nice name for boy who likes school

    Jaden, a ver unsual name, good boy and intelligent

    Mckenzie, nice guy, strong good politician

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I only like Kayleigh and Melissa for girls and Joshua for boys. I picture them as strong willed people.

  • 8 years ago


    Rate: 5

    Like/Dislike: I don't really care for it, maybe if it was Tegan it be cuter. I just don't like Tee.

    Nickname: None


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: I really like this name, it's just so pretty.

    Nickname: Tamy


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: I really love this name, it reminds me of my Caylee. God be with her.

    Nickname: Kay or None


    Rate: 8

    Like/Dislike: I like it, it's pretty cute. Just a little short.

    Nickname: None


    Rate: 6

    Like/Dislike: Cute but i'd prefer Alyssa.

    Nickname: Lissa


    Rate: 5

    Like/Dislike: A little plain to me, but definitely better than Debbie.

    Nickname: Eb or None


    Rate: 8

    Like/Dislike: Cute, better than Teegan.

    Nickname: Kee, Keegi, or None


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: I love this name.

    Nickname: Jo, Joey, Anne or None


    Rate: 9.5

    Like/Dislike: Very pretty it's a little below Joanne though.

    Nickname: Jo, Joey, Anna or None


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: I love this name! It's my cousins name though.

    Nickname: Ape or None


    Rate: 9

    Like/Dislike: It's really pretty.

    Nickname: Kar or None


    Rate: 8

    Like/Dislike: I'd prefer Aylissa.

    Nickname: Lissa or None


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: I really like it.

    Nickname: Ame, Lia or None


    Rate: 10 on a girl, 0 on a boy

    Like/Dislike: I'd prefer it on a girl.

    Nickname: Kenzie


    Rate: 7

    Like/Dislike: It's an okay name.

    Nickname: Josh


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: Love it.

    Nickname: Jay or None


    Rate: 8

    Like/Dislike: It's okay.

    Nickname: Leo


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: Love.

    Nickname: Jake or None


    Rate: 10

    Like/Dislike: it's cute.

    Nickname: Lou or None


    - I absolutely hate this name sorry.

    The rest are 10 ratings I love them all.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i love Kaelyn. i recognize a boy about 12 with that call and that i have never met the different boy with that. Boys: David Andrew Jordan (i recognize they are all exceptionally straight forward) women: Ivyann Julia Zoey

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