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URGENT - Will my guinea pig be ok?

My guinea pig is pregnant, i think she wil give birth during the next few days, if not tomorrow morning. She is pretty fat and it is pretty obvious that she is pregnant.

I have read one site, i think it was WikiHow, and it said that it is highly dangerous for a guinea pig to get pregnant and 1/5 of pregnant guinea pigs die. I have 2 books about guinea pigs, and have read other sites and most of them said that the guinea pig will be ok.

Please say that WikiHow was wrong, and my guinea pig will be ok! I am really worried and scared that something might happen to my guinea pig.

If you know anything about this, please tell me. I can write any additional describtions if you need me to.



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    Sorry to say but WikiHow is absolutely correct and you should be scared! About 1 in 5 (20%) of normal, healthy sow of proper reproductive age will die of pregnancy related causes if bred. There is nothing whatsoever to be done, that is just the way it is.

    If the sow is bred too young the odds of trouble are higher. If a sow delivers a first litter after she is about a year old, the odds of trouble go WAY up with 4 or more out of 5 (80%+) likely to die from the delivery or other pregnancy related problems.

    This is why the average pet owner should NEVER consider breeding a pet sow. Sadly, many pet stores are totally incompetent and sell sows that were bred by a cage-mate, and often bred too young. The poor, unsuspecting buyer is then stuck with the consequences of the store's irresponsibility.

    I know that this is not what you want to hear but the rosy picture painted by many of the posters is simply not true. I can say this based on over 40 years of experience and many hundreds of litters. Of course many sows have perfectly healthy litters and do fine. If you want to worry less, think about it as 4 in 5 do just fine. However, that doesn't mean that they all do and that the risk of death is real.

    Source(s): 40+ years raising and showing guinea pigs
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    The reason why WikiHow says that pregnancy is dangerous for guinea pigs is that the pubic bones fuse at about 9 months of age, which means it is difficult for a sow to have her first litter of babies after that age; the pelvis cannot allow the babies to be born when the bones have fused. Be especially careful not to let your guinea pig get pregnant again soon after giving birth, as this would be exhausting for her.

    There is also the issue that there are many pets in rescues and shelters who have been abandoned there, and by breeding they are denied the chance of a happy and loving home.

    The guinea lynx website has useful information on guinea pig health and welfare. Here are the links for breeding and pregnancy:

    Source(s): experienced guinea pig owner with veterinary qualification
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    Your guinea pig will be absolutely fine! They breed a lot and have many babies. When I was young I ended up breeding guinea-pigs by accident - it all started when I won 2 guinea pigs at a school fete aged 7, that I thought were both female - until I went to their hutch one morning and SCREAMED as (what I thought were) a couple of white mice ran out!

    ...Well these little 'mice' went on to have many babies and their babies many more babies, (they often had litters of about 6 at one time) - and soon I was donating guinea pigs to everyone at school!

    The most guinea pigs I had at any one time was 35, but over the years I must have had hundreds! (I made a big 'run' in the garden out of chicken wire, so they could all run freely during the day and they mixed quite happily with my sister's rabbits and tortoises too).

    This was all about 40 years ago, long before the internet, so I just learned as I went along.. But I certainly never separated the mothers from the babies, and they all went on to live long and happy lives.

    Good luck!!

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    It's not dangerous for guinea pigs to get babies if they are between 4 and 7 months old.

    If they are under 4 months they are too young. This could lead to the babies and/or mother dying.

    If the mother is over 7 months old, without having had babies before, her hips could have fused together, and she wouldn't be able to give birth. This will almost always lead to both babies and mother dying.

    If a guinea pig over 7 months have had babies before, it is perfectly fine to let her have babies again.

    There are of course many pigs outside of the 4-7 months range who give birth to perfectly healthy babies.

    And, a guinea pig is pregnant for about 2-2,5 months, in case you wanted to calculate from the last time she was with a male.

    Source(s): Have had guineas for 10 years,
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    She'll be perfectly fine. WikiHow is wrong, people can change it. It's not reliable. Just watch her and the little ones after they are born and make sure she is ok and the babies. If not, take her to the ger with the babies and have them check her out! Hope this helps.

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    you cant take the guinea pig rite away they need to be at least 8 weeks old until there token away bwecause they need to drink milk from their mom

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    All i know is that you need to separate the baby pigs and the mother! THE MOTHER WILL EAT THE SMALL PIGS SHE JUST GAVE BIRTH TOO.!!!!!!!!!!!

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