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Questions to fellow Christians?

OK first off, if you are not a Christian please just skip this question, id rather have 0 people answer over a bunch of people telling me my God is fake or that I would be better off talking to a flying Spaghetti monster.

OK fellow Christians here is the thing, for probably the past 3 months I have been seriously struggling with the most basic tenet of the Christian religion, "salvation". for some its so rudimentary they hear it once and will understand it for life time, but for me it has kept me up for weeks and months on end trying to understand it.

O.K. my take on salvation is simple, if you believe Jesus died for you, you confess it with your mouth and "repent" of your sins you shall be saved, the responsibility of changing your desires and lusts is on Christ, otherwise you would be committing works which the word cautions us against, therefor we should focus on getting to know him through prayer and Bible reading and he will change us on his time. except over the years thousands of people and organizations have corrupted this simple creed into a circus of hoops and laws and regulations that a person must jump through just to feel "saved". for example, some people say saying the "sinner's prayer" is not biblical therefor salvation comes not from simply acknowledging Jesus as your savior, but instead by literally crying out to him until something supernatural overcomes you and you feel "saved".

I was raised a Christian, I believe in Christianity not because it was imposed on me, but because atheism is self contradictory, Christianity is historically reliable and I believe I have felt God's presence in my life,but I feel like this was a curse, I often get jealous of people who were not raised Christians, I mean, they get to go out, have sex, do whatever and have an awesome time, then get saved once those years are up and its all good, I'm not saying its unfair, I know we are all heading for hell if not for Christ, and yet, I feel "cursed" like Christianity has become a chore, and a heavy yolk to bear, but this is contradictory to the word! so surely I'm doing something wrong, correct?

I'm going to be honest, I'm a teenage boy, I "know" the word but I think reading the Bible is incredibly boring, but I want to want to read it, I hear stories of great men like missionaries in Africa who are doing all kinds of healing and what not through the power of the Holy Spirit, and I feel bad that even though I call myself a Christian, I don't have this "driving force" that makes me want to read the word everyday, is there something wrong with me, some would say "i'm not really saved then" but the word of God seems to be like a maze that only those chosen of God can decipher.

I trust in God's word, but I worry I'm not truly saved, because even though about 3 months ago I accepted him into my life, I've gotten worse, I don't read the Bible, I pray a lot(mostly asking for forgiveness, though I try to say to Jesus that I want a relationship but feel unworthy because I'm not a "Christian" therefor, why waste my time? right?) I download music and programs via torrents if you catch my drift, basically i'm no saint, and even though I wish I could be some Christian super-soldier, in reality, I just want to enjoy my life, but be in good standing with Christ, I know the word says we can't serve 2 masters, but I believe I should live my life and Jesus will change me on his time-scale, but I feel so much shame and guilt, but I know from past experiences my heart isn't changed so no amount of deeds I try to do to show God how much I've changed will matter because I'll go back to it in a week or 2, I want a new heart but it seems like Christianity is too distorted for me to understand.

If anybody actually reads all of this and replies extensively to me about these matters and helps me to see clearly Jesus I would like to just say thank you, I know our world sucks, but if anybody is left out there that can see through this distorted mess please help me to see through it too.

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    Hello, 17-year-old me. I never thought I'd get a chance to talk to myself from my own future. Okay, so you're not really me, but everything you've written -- except for the internet part, since I didn't have that -- could have been written by me 20 years ago.

    You're feeling like most other teenage boys do. It's hard to be a young Christian and see so much going on around you. It feels like you're continually sinful and never measuring up. Part of that is because you have all of these new freedoms. Part of that is because you're not really sure who you are just yet.

    You'll get through it.

    My advice to you is to give yourself a little bit of a break. Don't get wrapped up in the DO's and DON'T of being a Christian. Instead, be a follower of Jesus. Jesus called his followers to be "disciples" a word that means they were to love everyone. If we seek to draw near to Jesus, the rest of the stuff -- the DO's and DON'Ts -- take care of themselves. We soon find that we're living like God would want us to live for the most part, and we don't have to think about it. Yes, we all screw up still. Beating ourselves up about it doesn't help, and actually makes things worse.

    Go out and get the book "Grace Walk" by Steve McVey. It should be required reading for everyone who wants to be a follower of Jesus, in my opinion. The book talks about Christians and how they struggle with EXACTLY what you're going through, right now. You just happen to be a teenager, but there are 50 year old guys that stuggle with the same thing. In fact, the book was written by a guy who was a preacher who struggled with the same idea, for a while. This book (and C.S.Lewis' "Mere Christianity") changed my life and my Christian walk forever.

    Let me know how I can help you. Really. Feel free to contact me.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I do know how you feel. Really. :)

    I was raised in a Christian environment from very young. My mom is a prayer warrior, and I heard the Word through preaching, music, and prayer everyday. My siblings and I knew the Word so well, we got bored in children's church because we had already learned all the lessons. So I grew up full of the Spirit, without having to do much on my own.

    When I got to be a teenager, while I had no desire to actually do the things you are describing, I was jealous a bit, just like you, that they could be "normal" while I was not. I knew He had a purpose for me, and I wasn't sure I wanted it. But I knew that God's way would give me a much happier life than if I indulged in temporary happiness. There are so many needy people out there. If we don't help, and follow His commands, who will? People like us do not have the luxury of being "normal." I know, you feel that pull. God put it in you.

    When I grew up and got married, I had to readjust to not having my mom around with the Word going all the time. I have never had her drive to read and pray with the intensity she does. Staying in prayer is like exercise. It can seem like a chore, but you feel so much better and cleaner once you do it. It's important that I keep my spirit uplifted in the Word. I listen to good praise music a lot, and I'll talk to Him about anything. And I've found that, as long as I make time for Him, there is peace in my home.

    So what I would say to you is, make the time. Find the Word and/or a good preacher on CD and just put it on while you are driving, cleaning your room. Find some praise music and do the same. Talk to God about everyday life, at any time. Because the truth is, no matter how "normal" you wish you could be, you will never have peace unless you do what God has put you here on earth to do. And you can't know that, unless you listen to what He's trying to tell you. Don't worry about your guilt. Just listen. He's already forgiven you for all that stuff anyway, the instant you asked.

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  • Shaun
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    If you have already trusted Jesus Christ as your savior and repented your sins, then

    You are saved.

    Salvation is by faith, not by works.

    If you don't read the bible, that would mean you don't actually understand about God.

    You will never lose your salvation, by the way.

    Nevertheless, if you turn away from God after you become a Christian, you will lose your eternal reward, and that has nothing to do with your salvation.

    The treasures in heaven are not perishable, they last forever.

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

    Matthew 6:21 (The bible)

    If you want to receive reward in heaven, you will need to act like a Christian.

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  • 8 years ago

    First," . . . the responsibility for changing your lusts and desires is on Christ." This is incorrect. Having been given salvation by God's grace does not make us immune from sin. We are sinners and will remain so. For the saved, however, the sins are forgiven. Even saved Christians continue to sin, but are expected to strive toward Christ's perfection. You are not alone in your discovery that living a clean and pure life is no bed of roses. Sometimes it's hard. Satan sees to that, But our decisions are our own: To sin or not to sin. Sometimes we win, sometimes Satan wins. But in the end it is always Christ who wins the battle for us. You say you don't read the Bible. You are missing too much of God's guidance and comfort unless you do. And I don't mean just read the Bible. I mean prayerfully study God's word. There are plenty of resources you can use, even on your computer, to keep learning about His way, His purpose and His plan. At your young age you qaren't expected to know the answers to all the mysteries of the spiritual realm, but now is a good time to begin learning the answers.

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  • 8 years ago

    I feel you! I've dealt with it all, the thoughts, the shame that you pound yourself with every night, thats what it teaches you to do, the Bible, it wants you to be concious rather than recklace. Well, i feel im experienced enough to say that the struggle is worth it. If were wrong in the end, i'de be glad to say i became a good person in the end by following jesus' teachings. Salvation is at the end, when you realize you did turn out a decent person, thats the salvation i've come to know. I've made no mistakes severe enough to ruin my life, to make me question who i am, the mental pressure has made me strong, its better to believe in something, rather than fall for anything. People look up to me with good reason, im glad to have answers for my younger brothers, to guide them in the right direction to a good life.

    When your old enough, the Bible will make sense to you, youre young, of course its boring, its because you dont understand it yet, When youre older, you'll look back on those words and you'll understand them.I promise that.

    Keep doing what youre doing, youre a good kid and im sure you'll grow up to be a good man.

    Source(s): Look at all the good people who wanted to answer your question. :)
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I aplogize i did not read your full question, but got the jist of it. You're a teenager, and most if not all teenagers have these feelings. Just wait it out and let yourself grow and mature.

    You don't need to enjoy reading the whole Bible to be a good christian, just read passages that you feel speak to you. I myself often skip to the verses that I like most.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with downloading music for free.

    Love God, love neighbor, that is all there is to it. There is freedom in Jesus. Remember that.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think you sound like someone who is still wrapped up in a legalistic mindset. You are trying to earn something that only comes by grace through faith.

    You say the word is boring; but the very word that seems boring to you is where your answers lie.

    As far as being jealous about sinners, I thought immediately of Psalm 73 and Psalm 37, which you do well to read.

    I think the one thing you need to do is ask God to give you, as Paul calls it, "a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, and the eyes of your understanding might be enlightened...". You will find this prayer and another like it in Ephesians chapter 1 and 3.

    When you begin to get a revelation of the love of God, your faith won't be a burden to you, but a joy.

    For sound Bible teaching, please visit:

    for some encouraging testimonies, see:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    That's a lot, but I'm just letting you know that I'm reading it and considering it. I will answer the questions as long a I don't die, or there is a tidal wave that wipes out Seaside, Oregon. okay?

    First paragraph:

    I'm wondering how they can stay up all hours telling people there is no God. Aren't they curious about other things enough to spend time learning and doing them instead of hanging around telling merely that they don't believe in what other people believe in? Sheesh!

    Second paragraph:

    Define e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. It helps to focus on the topic at hand, and also, more importantly, gain a concept with the word. Salvation in Hebrew and Greek means peace, safety, health, welfare, to be saved, prosperity, protection from enemies . . . that's a lot! Isn't it? Get the free e-sword software.

    Download everything you can (I downloaded every free thing except for the devotionals, I made the decision that the Bible would be my devotional).

    This Christian life includes times of adjustment. What I see you saying here is good, you are struggling (and you seem to have a good grasp of things), I do too! We all should be if this Bible stuff means anything to us at all! It means we are looking for what to do next, what to learn next. There is ALWAYS more to do and more to learn. So don't treat it like it's not a part of what's supposed to happen. That's what I'm saying. Welcome to the club. Don't feel frustrated though. Just know you are doing what all of us need to be doing.

    Third paragraph:

    You are brilliant. Where are you learning this stuff? Because most Christians haven't any idea of what you just stated, and it is evidence by that person who answered who is calling you a legalist. You aren't a legalist by what you wrote that I can see. You recognize God can do the changing in you. That is NOT a legalistic mindset at all! That's articulating the work of the Spirit. EXACTLY right on the mark!!! I'm even proud of you for saying it.

    And you are right, the councils screwed things up. History is full of how they screwed it up. Thank God we have a Bible to take us to a time before all that trash.

    Fourth paragraph:

    Congratulations. You noticed you are a sinner. I study a lot, and busy myself with the work of God. I'm even a Bisexual, and I haven't had sex for years because, well, it just never seems to work out that way. That means I can be attracted to both males or females, but it doesn't mean I have sex. So I get the sex pressure from both sides. I just live with it, and do the next thing I'm supposed to do. I give the credit for keeping me chaste to God. Otherwise, there would be no way I would be so long without having sex. Woe is me, but at the same time, oddly, Blessed am I. God knows me, so I'm not going to try to fool him that I'm not "ready" sometimes! lol

    Fifth paragraph:

    This is really something Satan can use against you. You hear about others doing things, and here you are wondering what to do. Some might even try to make you feel like you are doing nothing. Don't listen to them (unless you are really doing nothing, but I don't think so, I really think you are doing what you are supposed to be doing at your age). Don't give them a place! Why do I say that? Because some people are guilt trip experts who are just negative and unreliable to God. They rush around doing what the THINK is right. Some come here on this site and try to preach, and they never study. YOU study! So study more. You have a grasp on what it means to hold onto God for the completion he gives to those who trust him and wait, so wait.

    Specifically, if you want to know that plan God has for you, DON'T take a church questionnaire. Fast regularly. I'm not talking about a marathon, I'm talking morning or evenings, even if it's just 15 minutes! What's happening when you do that is you are setting yourself up to think like a person who is fasting. The times will get longer by themselves, you will get into the word and talk to God while doing so and lose track of time. Eventually, you will lean on God spiritually because the urgings of the flesh (I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm bored), are on the back-burner for once. That means God is going to deal with you because you are not sustaining yourself on fleshly things.

    Source(s): My answer was too long, dammit. I'll try to send you the rest through email. okay?
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  • FIRE
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Dear brother, I very well understand the way you struggle in life because of Christianity. It is mainly due to your lack of understanding about Lord Jesus. Jesus came on earth to save us from death to life, which he did achieve through his holy sacrifice. When you depend on Jesus with full heart, you will be saved. Salvation offered by Jesus is not because of our worthiness, but it is because of His mercy. So, be assured of your salvation and don't bother about it.

    Now let us come to our deeds and its relation with our salvation. When we submit our lives to Jesus and pray to Him to let happen only his will in our life, we are free. The freedom does not mean we can go on to commit any sin, but we are free from the anxieties of this world. When we follow Christ, we have to obey his words. His words are for our betterment and not for our salvation. When you follow Christ literally, you will never lack anything. By following him, you will get excellent self control, self esteem, cleanliness of mind and body and so on. People who do not follow Christ and live reckless life will end up in mess and total destruction. You may find it difficult to obey each word of Jesus and you might find it hard to control your basic instincts. You don't have to struggle with it; when you feel for sex, you should get it relieved in any manner which does not harm another person directly or indirectly. You can have relationship with girls, but you should abstain from sexual intercourse. When you do have sex with a girl who isn't your wife, your body becomes defiled. Except sexual intercourse, you can have all kinds of relationship with any girl, only if she is unmarried. God wants sexual intercourse only between husband and wife. So, enjoy your life without is quite possible. When you grow up and become matured, you will find that you could lead a clean life yet without losing the enjoyment of life.

    Make your ambition not to sin at all and do whatever you like; that's all.

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  • 8 years ago

    Ok,i believe i understand what you're asking.The bible says that you confess Jesus as your Savior ans Lord and you shall be saved.You have to understand that basically your spirit is saved being regenerated ,given access to God once again through Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf.You made choices before you were saved ,confessed Jesus as LOrd ,you still have that option after wards,God doesn't want robots,nor does He want to destroy our will but He wants us to willing do what He says.Jesus in the garden had desires to do other things but He submitted his own will to do what the Father sent him to do( Not my will but thine be done) We don't give up our ability to choose after we get saved,although god may change your desires but He won't take away your ability to will still have to make the decision to do what's right.You have to choose to do what God says everyday.On reading the word ,just ask god for the desire to read it,invite the Holy Spirit in your study of the word and ask him to give you revelation concerning Jesus(teach you about jesus) open your eyes to the truth.the devil tried to tempt Jesus ,he will try to tempt you to sin,ask god for the ability to say no to those temptations when they come's an place you can call for prayer for any of the things you've asked about or any other thing you may have need have to resist the devil and he will flee from you as james talks about,that's one of the reasons we read the word to find out about the christian life,seeing how others walked with god .also that's why going to church ,if you can, is very important: fellowship,strength and find out that you're not alone and other people are working out their own salvation too.the spirit is saved at salvation but we have to work with God to train our mind(soul)purging out old sinful ways,thoughts and habits with God's word like romans ch 12:1-3 talks about.may God open your eyes and give you revelation in the knowledge of Him (Jesus) and you experience his love for you always

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