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FIFA 12: Career Mode Transfer Issue?

I've bought a player, but before i could accept him, derby signed him and negotiations were finished. I clicked accept when I had enough money ( two days later) and it said he arrived.

He is in my sell players list, but not squad report or team management. Also the money and wages have gone so i have paid for him.

Can anyone tell me what happened and maybe how to get my player or my money. I'm on transfer day.

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    I know the problem. You signed Carlos Tevez!

    Seriously though...

    Is he injured? If so he will be at the bottom of your squad list.

    If he truly aint in your squad list and the club has taken the money out then it sounds like a glitch. All you can do is count your losses and sell him in next window. OR take a gamble and send him out on short loan in the next window hoping that he WILL actually return.

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    then delete the player

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