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What colour to Dip-Dye my hair?

My hair is a dirty blonde, which gets naturally lighter during summer (which is coming up!) The summer holidays start next friday, which is when i want to dye it. Technically I am dying my extensions... but it is practically the same haha!

At first I was thinking to get the ends done a really light blonde, and then put streaks of pink, blue etc in at the ends of my hair. I think this could look really nice, but I'm not sure... Should I just dip dye it blonde without the colours, or go for it and do both? or just the colours (not the blonde) on my natural hair (on the ends obviously)?

It will be semi-permanent dye and I do want the colour to eventually go.. just wondering if it will go if i dye the extensions? I'm pretty sure it will be the same as for normal hair - when dying it!

Anyway, would be great for your advice :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Blue or pink dip dye would look fab if your looking for bright summery colours,otherwise how about going for a black/black with a tint of blue? :-)

  • 8 years ago

    I reckon you should dip dye the ends of the extensions baby pink. Will look really nice with your hair colour. I'm not sure if it will come out of the extensions as easily as it would normal hair, because (based on personal experience) they're not washed as often, so the colour will take a lot longer to fade. However, you should be able to dye over the baby pink when you get bored of it if it hasn't faded because it's not a really bright colour.

  • 4 years ago

    I even have dark blonde hair and that i dip-dyed my hair final summer season. I did vivid magenta pink for the 1st a million/2 and a vivid turquoise for the 2nd a million/2 - the two stood out nicely and regarded incredible!

  • 8 years ago

    maybe you should bleech the ends, that wil make it go a bright blonde and if you like it you can keep it like that and then you can maybe go like a pastel pink. I think that would look good!

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