Skyrim - Serena - Dawnguard DLC Help?

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I finished the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim today. I sided with Dawnguard, at the end I had Serena as a follower ... I than asked her to cure her vampirism she said she would be off at more
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try maybe dimhollow cavern where you found her:


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  • CCCPancakes answered 2 years ago
    She will be back eventually. Don't worry, she takes a long time to do this.

    Also, she isn't able to be married, ever. I don't think she ever will, as Bethesda would need the voice actress to come back to do more voice acting. But there's a petition going on to convince Bethesda to make her a marriageable character.
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  • Marcelo answered 4 months ago
    you have to wait more to see her, then you go to fort dawnguard and she is at the entrance


    My game :D
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  • Lucas answered 2 years ago
    Yeah as this will take a long time, you need to go to falions house in Markoth (sorry for spelling). she will stay in that house. Wait until dawn like 1-6 a.m. and she will be at the shrine to be cured and then go to dawnguard, wait at dawnguard for an hour. then she should be there.


    this is how it happend...
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