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I need a good topic for my assignment?

I have to do an investigation on the Food and Hospitality industry, but I cannot find a good topic or question to research. Help pleasE? Do you have any good deias? Please?

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  • Elbie
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    --Food processing

    --Fermentation, beverages, alcohol

    --Wine & wine making

    --Nutrition, foods, food supply

    --Cookery, cookbooks

    --Dining service

    --Hospitality industry, hotels, food service, restaurants

    --Restaurant accounting/finance

    --Restaurant marketing/advertising

    --Menu pricing, food purchasing

    --Bars, bartending, alcohol service

    Travel and Tourism Systems:

    This is a topic within the hospitality area that covers travel and tourism and the concept behind it as a system. Within this course, students study the importance of the activity components as they relate to domestic and international travel. Topics include tour and travel distribution systems, the hospitality industry, destination planning and development, attraction and entertainment systems, and transportation systems.

    Restaurant Concept Development:

    This topic is in the food service category of hospitality and covers the process of restaurant development from the concept to the actual opening of the restaurant. Topics that are covered in this include legal responsibilities, financial considerations, risk reduction and marketing strategies.

    Hospitality and Tourism Management:

    This covers the overview of the hospitality industry including the history of the industry as well as the general operating procedures and problems.

    Basic Nutrition:

    This course on clinical and normal nutrition and includes various aspects on diet therapy. Current information regarding the correlation between nutrition and health are sub-topics.

    Wine Technology, Merchandising and Marketing:

    This covers the fundamentals of wine technology as well as oenology; the methods of viticulture and vinification are covered as well as the major types of wine and the reasons behind their quality influences. Other topics include wine merchandising, sensory evaluation principles and wine marketing.

    Human Resources Management for Hospitality Industry:

    This topic should take an in-depth look into human resources management in the hospitality industry, including human resource policies at the management and hourly levels as well as practices and procedures.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    I got one: talk about how the food industry has been poisoned with various toxic chemicals, and is therefore, out of its greed for money, scamming people

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