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Nicknames for the Avengers ?

Im writing a funny fanfic and I need nicknames for the each of the avengers. Any suggestions ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are over 150 Avengers. But here are some

    Iron Man: Tin Man (Only had a heart reference make sense), Drunky,

    Cap: Boy Scout, Popsicle

    Hulk: Warforged, Golem,

    Hawkeye: Legolas, Robin Hood, Bird-man.

    Thor: Goldylocks, MC Hammer,

    Spiderman: Web-Head, Bug-boy, Prof. Laughs, Chuckles (most of those were used by the comics)

    Luke Cage: Blackistien, Shaft

    Wolverine: Scissors, Runt,

    Wasp: Mutie, Fly-girl, **** (but that's because she sleeps around)

    Ant man : Wife Beater

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