Christians: When you get sick, do you pray it away, or?

Christians: When you get sick, do you pray it away, or do you think to yourself:

'My imaginary god has no use here, I shall accept that the medical science of the atheists will do more than an imaginary god so I will go to a GP or hospital and take whatever medicine they give me as they will work, unlike praying'

So which would you do? Pray or take advantage of science?

Science wins over religion yet again.......

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't give them any ideas.

    Several kids have already died here in the States due to parents refusing medical services and instead "praying for them".

  • 8 years ago

    I seek medical attention, of course. I support scientific progress; that includes medical progress. As for prayer, I do believe in affirmations, and use those. But I don't see a conflict between following my religious beliefs and acknowledging that medicine (both traditional and non-traditional) is a valid option. I'm not sure that I want to insult the Divine (or logic) by refusing obvious medical cures and treatments. There's a lot to be said for using basic common sense.

    Also, your comment, "My imaginary god has no use here..." does little to explain why so many of the doctors I've visited are religious (Hindu, Christian, Bahá'í, Muslim, Jewish and more). I've personally met several different doctors who were also clergy members of various faiths.

  • 8 years ago

    Make friends with the doctor, for he is essential to you;*

    God has also established him in his profession. From God the doctor has wisdom,

    and from the king he receives sustenance. Knowledge makes the doctor distinguished,

    and gives access to those in authority. which the prudent should not neglect; Was not the water sweetened by a twig, so that all might learn his power? He endows people with knowledge,

    to glory in his mighty works, Through which the doctor eases pain,

    and the druggist prepares his medicines. Thus God’s work continues without cease

    in its efficacy on the surface of the earth. My son, when you are ill, do not delay,

    but pray to God, for it is he who heals.


    Flee wickedness and purify your hands;

    cleanse your heart of every sin.


    Offer your sweet-smelling oblation and memorial,

    a generous offering according to your means.c


    Then give the doctor his place

    lest he leave; you need him too,

    For there are times when recovery is in his hands.

    He too prays to God

    That his diagnosis may be correct

    and his treatment bring about a cure.

    Whoever is a sinner before his Maker

    will be defiant toward the doctor.

    My son, shed tears for one who is dead.

  • 8 years ago

    Medical science of atheists. WRONG. Most hospitals were started and funded by religious groups. Penicillin was discovered by a Christian.

    As for you doctor

    Fifty-five percent of physicians say their religious beliefs influence their practice of medicine. The demographics are as follows.

    Protestant 38.8 (427) 54.7 (800) .00

    Catholic 21.7 (244) 26.7 (370) .01

    Jewish 14.1 (181) 1.9 (26) .00

    None† 10.6 (117) 13.3 (198) .06

    Hindu 5.3 (53) 0.2 (1) .00

    Muslim 2.7 (33) 0.5 (5) .00

    Orthodox 2.2 (22) 0.5 (7) .00

    Mormon 1.7 (17) 0.4 (6) .00

    Buddhist 1.2 (13) 0.2 (3) .01

    Other 1.8 (18) 1.6 (21) .70

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There was a man who was stranded in the ocean, he prayed for help,

    A boat came by and offered him help, the man said, god will save me. This happened twice more and he gave the same reply.

    The man eventually died, when he stood before god he asked, why didn't you save me? To which god replied, for goodness sake, I sent three boats!

    I am not sure where my faith lies but Christians can pray and take medicine as this take shows, gods help is not always like magic,

  • 8 years ago

    You know, this is really stupid.

    First, saying science wins over religion is like saying apples win over oranges. They are two different things and are not in competition.

    It's also stupid because atheists make this into some kind of demarcation for Christians. Like, if we go to a doctor when we get sick we don't have faith. In the Bible, Jesus multiplied food, but you guys never chide us for going to the supermarket. Jesus said God will clothe us, but you don't find fault with us going to the store to buy underwear.

    This is a gargantuan straw man argument on your part. One would think that if atheism were easily tenable it would not be necessary to resort to such logical fallacies to defend it.

  • 8 years ago

    I do not pray, so to say. But I do think positively. And science tells us our thoughts have profound effects on our overall health. Which would explain why I never get sick ;)

  • 8 years ago

    so wait. neuton(who wrote more in the bible and god then he did science)and mendel(who was a monk) were atheists? wow. thats news to me.

    see what you fail to realise is that the fathers of modern science were all believers. so really it's you atheists who are trusting a revelation god gave to a christian to make you well. lol and thats the funny part. this question was an epic fail my friend. do some research please. Kay? Kaythxbye.

  • 8 years ago

    Because it's not the actual doctors or medication that helps, its the prayer.

    Surely all those hours studying in college were for nothing.

    I remember my pastor tried to pray that my asthma would "leave my body." That same day I had an asthma attack.

  • 8 years ago

    Pray and use meds. God can use medical science to heal you.

  • Both.

    We believe all things happened because of God - including science.

    Anywho - this makes you sound like Charlie Sheen - "SCIENCE IS WINNINNNNNGGG!!!"

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