Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks?

He can't avoid facing allegations of rape in Sweden forever. And if the US does extradite him from Sweden and make charges, isn't it time that he defends himself, instead of hiding?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You are right, he cannot avoid the investigation forever. (Though the allegations really have very little to do with Wiki-leaks itself, save that the two women involved both work for Wiki-leaks Sweden and the head of Wiki-leaks Sweden has stated publicly several times that the charges are valid.)

    You might not be aware, but the U.S. would have an easier time extraditing Assange on espionage charges (the likely charges once the Manning trial is over, if they do charge him.) from the U.K. than Sweden. As the U.S. has bilateral agreements with the U.K. on extraditions specifically on espionage. (dates back to WWI and WWII) And normal extraditions from the U.K. only require reasonable suspicion (vs. prima facie evidence) to extradite to the U.S. Not to mention that per the EU extradition laws for extradition between EU nations, if they extradite him to Sweden and then the U.S. requests extradition, they would have to actually get approval from both Sweden and the U.K. to extradite him again. (A huge hassle honestly.)

    So those claiming the extradition to Sweden is just to get him to the U.S. really do not understand how extraditions work in these countries.

    But I agree it is beyond time that he actually defends himself, if it is what he claims.

    Btw Greywolf:

    The Swedish authorities did not file charges originally as they were just trying to get him to get the HIV test (which is all the 2 women actually want, they only filed the charges for the investigation to force him to get it as he kept blowing them off.) And he did NOT co-operate the Swedish police, he blew off several meetings with them... and when he finally showed up to one of the meetings, he agreed to get the HIV test on the following monday (as it was late on a friday when he showed up) and instead he skipped the country that weekend and fled to the U.K.

    And in Sweden they do not file the charges till the investigation is complete, however under Swedish law you can extradite someone for the investigation. You may want to study up on their laws before you say this is uncivilized.

    He is being extradited for questioning on suspicion of rape, olaga tvång (basically duress/unlawful coercion), and two cases of sexuellt ofredande. (which has been respectively translated as "sexual molestation", "sexual assault", "sexual misconduct", "sexual annoyance", "sexual unfreedom", "sexual misdemeanor", and/or "sexual harassment" in various documents) The laws and requirements in Sweden for these charges are a bit different than in the U.K. or Australia... but by what has been leaked he would already be facing charges in most countries for what happened. (In fact when the first judge in the extradition case was provided evidence from the Swedish police, that was what he said when he rejected the appeal on the extradition.)

    If you are curious on the specifics of the case, the police reports from it were actually leaked. (Which ironically, Assanges attorney said was a violation of his privacy) And they go into detail of how what he did would be considered illegal in most of the western world. Heck the first woman had to abandon he own apartment to get away from his unwanted sexual advances, and he had sex with the second woman while she was asleep. (Specifically had sex with her in a way that she had absolutely refused prior, which means there was no consent... which is what defines rape.) In both cases this would denote criminal acts. (And Assange has not denied that the incidents happened, he just claims that he did no wrong.)

    And all the women actually want is for him to get a STD test... that was it. He is the one who keeps dragging this out to stay in the spotlight.

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    Definitely a setup. The Swedish authorities have never brought forward any evidence against him, nor have they laid charges. JA co-operated with the Swedish police, made himself available for questioning. Then, the first prosecutor to handle the case dropped the case, and told JA that he was free to travel. The extradition is being driven by a different prosecutor, an ambitious little freak who is just doing it for career reasons. No criminal charges have been presented to the Britsish courts, just an extradition demand. This is not a civilised way to proceed.

  • slife
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    4 years ago

    particularly..i don't be responsive to what to think of roughly this....Im smart sufficient to be responsive to that those are trumped up quotes brought about by using the US impression on Sweeden and Brittian yet as an American do I care? What did he leak that information for? What incorrect doing became uncovered?

  • Greg
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    8 years ago

    I doubt he would get a fair trial

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  • 8 years ago

    it is all a set up

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