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What's your family's word for the unspeakable body parts?

The ones you talk about but never say in front of children or company. What other words do you use


Some of you people are deliciously funny I wish the polish guy would have added his names for them. That would have been pretty cool. The guy who said "huh?" is just plain clueless and useless. So I don't even feel bad about others thumbing him down.

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    it's more my friends and I, not so much my family. . .but we say;

    for girls = va-jay-jay, koochie, fat bags, fun bags, the point of no return, the marinator (this was after a long day of work, and just 8 hours too short on sleep), muffins, or flapjacks (obvs depends on the size)

    for him = his big toe, the prize at the end of the rainbow, 2 bits and jibblits (don't ask I'm pretty sure this is from an Austin Powers) his fishing tackle, his shiskabob(that goes with the marinator) , pickle or his beans and rice.

    I think that's about all the weird ones, I'm sure I'll think of more. . .

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    I had a front bottom instead of a fan ny.

    My brother had a tail which always confused me because a tail is located behind an animal not in front.

    On top we had a bosom or a bust.

    When we went to the loo we had wees and biz.

    Most of the time we tried to avoid such subjects.

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    I recall that when I was little my mother referred to female genitalia as a "peeper" (in reference to urination, which was the only function I knew about at the time). My brother's parts went by their proper name, oddly enough.

  • jms043
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    8 years ago

    my parents were raised during the ``Victorian Era.`` They never discussed the subject.

    I was lucky enough to have found a publication called Sexology when I was of the age to be interested.

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    I can't say these 'parts' ever enter the conversation but, for comic effect, I like to refer to them as the 'naughty bits' or the 'nether regions'.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    LOL we just called them "Privates"

    also, we were never aloud to use words such as Bum, Butt, Fart, Burp... ect.

    We had to say Bottom or Toot or Pass gas....

  • Steve
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    8 years ago

    never talk about in front of company, that's funny...

    anyway for girls we use weewee and i haven't figured out what we're calling Reid's thingymabobber yet, my aunt and uncle always used winker for their boys but i don't much care for that one

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    funny people that already responded dont use any, my family has many but that's in my native language (polish) which i guess wouldn't help you much ^_- ; but yeah im curious about this too ^__^

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    "peepee" was our general term,although Uncle Harold called penis=king Arthurs sword and Vagina=the invisible sword,what can i say he was a poet !

  • Erm...we just use their proper names. :P Lol sorry, I know that's boring, but the slang terms just sound trashy.

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