Future stars of the English National Football Team, your thoughts on my list and who would you add?

The first three, four or five are hardly surprising and probably need no explanation;

1: Jack Rodwell - 21 - Great defensive midfielder and probably a great replacement for Parker, and at the moment a good understudy or partner. Unfortunately had a few problems with injury but if he can keep himself fit I see no reason why he can't make a real go of it.

2: Jack Wilshere - 20 - Still only 20 and at the start of his career but is already highly rated by Wenger and the England staff... Potentially a future 'legend' of both club and country, would likely be in Poland if not for injury.

3: Kyle Walker - 22 - Winner of this years Young PFA Player of the Year - And for good reason! A young and ambitious young player who again, would be in the squad if not for injury... Definitely our future RB unless someone else (see below) has something to say about it, assuming he is fit and we qualify, I fully expect him to be with us in Brasil 2014.

4: Nathanial Clyne - 21 - Another top RB talent for England, current plying his trade in the Championship with Crystal Palace but seems destined for pastures new with a number of Premier League clubs trying to pull him away, namely Manchester United and Newcastle United as the two fore-runners for his signature. A lot to learn but very ambitious and forward thinking... Impossibly fast too and great on the ball... Should give Kyle Walker and any other potential England Full-Backs a lot to think about.

5: Daniel Sturridge - 22 - Already highly regarded within his club and country, a good striker but needs to learn when to pass and when to shoot better... But definitely a top talent.

6: Tom Cleverley - 22 - Struggling to break into the Man United XI this season, but hardly surprising with the talent Man United have in midfield... No doubt that he will make it though, sturdy passer and knows how to move the ball around.

7: Martin Kelly - 22 - Has already made it into the England squad, but perhaps under very questionable circumstances with Micah Richards ready and available, along with a few other better Right Backs. But the talent is there, and even if he isn't ready now... He will be one day.

8: Sammy Ameobi - 20 - Expect to see a lot more of him next season for Newcastle, quick and good on the ball and has a key advantage are over much of the competition for his spot - He is a left winger. A position England have traditionally struggled in. And he is a good winger too.

9: Stephen Caulker - 20 - A good centre-back but unfortunately may have to wait a bit for his chance with Jones, Jagielka and Lescott still going stong and Terry hanging around, but he has plenty of time to make his mark. I think we'll see him in an England shirt yet.

10: Jacob Butterfield - 22 - Another Championship player ear-marked to be joining the Prem from current club Burnley. Again Man United and Newcastle interested. Might not be a massive feature in the England squad, time will tell... But expect a few call-ups.

11: Jack Butland - 19 - Has already made it to the England Euro 2012 squad despite Forster, Carson and Stockdale both being better options... But he has the potential. Unfortunately Joe Hart is still young, especially for a keeper and doesn't look like he'll lose his talent anytime soon so perhaps Butland is destined to be an under-study for England... But a very good under-study.

Other possible mentions;

McEachren, Perch, Dawson, Amos, Connor Wickham, A.Johnson and Zaha.

Your thoughts?

FQ: Is Jack to common a name for English footballers? ;)


tOuz - If I was then put it this way... Liverpool would have a lot of players coming home.

Update 2:

I agree with Nick Powell... But I can't list them all can I!? :P

@L&G - Yeah but I already think Jones is included in the England team now.

Update 3:

Kozzie - I did not forget Afobe, I just don't think he will be.

Hasn't made a single app for Arsenal in 2 years. Only managed 5 goals in 31 games at Huddersfield... As a striker.

Sammy Ameobi is a winger first, striker second so it's not fitting to compare the two, but seeing as you are... Sammy wins. His pace on the ball, his touch and his dribbling are all great. His final ball needs a little work and he needs to strengthen up but they are both workable... Much better than Afobe imo and the opinion of the neutral.

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  • 8 years ago
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    looks like a solid squad you've got there, all it needs is a few more attack minded players.

    Honourable mention

    Tom Hately

    Nick Powell

    Lewis Shay Mcgugan

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I agree but I would also add Nick Powell Phil Jones. He has the potential to become a really good defender in the future and is only 20

  • 8 years ago

    United have just signed the u21 star Nick Powell. Surely on his way to the top at some point?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Cleverly.... if that is the quality you are looking for then you won't win much.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain should be there easily.

    Also Raheem Sterling from Liverpool,

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Looking good as long as they don't get Wilshered or Ashtoned.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    have you being appointed as Hodgson's replacement ? lol

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