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Is a 5MP Digital Camera good ?

I'm Going on a holiday and need a cheap camera im curently looking at a $50.00 one it is only 5 MP so im not sure -_- i have a beterr camera but it is broken the link down the bottom is the one im looking at is that a good brand or not? thank you for all the help Guys :)

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    Short answer - yes. 5 MP is good. I know a professional photographer who uses digital. He told me that anything over 9 MP is a waste unless you plan to blow up the pics to fill up a billboard and most of us do not. With 5 MP you can print very nice pics unless you plan to blow them up to poster size. You might them see a loss of quality. But if you are printing normal 8x10 and smaller - 5MP is great. Of course the biggest concern is the brand of optics you are using. lens quality, sensor quality and firmware supporting the camera are all (in my opinion) more important than MP's.

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    I've had 5MP pictures on 40 foot billboards. Yes, 5MP is more than enough for anything.

    The problem with 5MP cameras in 2012 is they are mostly cheap or small (cell phone) cameras that wouldn't take very good pictures no matter how many MP they had. My 5MP camera was a Sony DSC-V1 that was one of the better cameras back in the day and produced better pictures than 8 or 10 MP cameras did much later.

    This camera looks like it would do the basic job of taking pictures. It doesn't even have a zoom lens, which is standard on just about everything except cell phone cameras now. For snapshots, probably fine. For serious photographs, no.

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    Erm in theory yes 5MP is enough

    In reality this camera.. is a cheap piece of crap. You know where you can find 5Mp sensors.. in webcams. So a 2010-2011-2012 camera with 5MP probably has a webcam sensor. And that hurts..

    Also for that money the optics, the glass, cannot be that special. that or worse they use plastic instead of actual glass. Not uncommon to lower the price !

    Build quality.. $50.. ask again ..

    Nope sorry $50 buys you either "new" crap or some older camera. Think a 3 year old camera on craigslist..

    You know go on craigslist.. you should be able to find there a nice Canon A series.. simple cameras but good lenses and decent sensors.

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    5mp Camera

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    Generally it takes twice the megapixel count to see a significant difference in a photo. Given that, 5Mp is rather on the low end these days, and most cameras would show some difference.

    For a compact camera, 10-12mp is the best balance between resolution, low-light capability, and performance.

    Anything less and the resolution will suffer. Anything more and the low-light performance and shutter delay will suffer.

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    i bought my first digital camera when i was 10 years old back in 2004. it was the top of the line 5MP Sony Cybershot with the slidy lense cap thing. took it everywhere, until i finally broke on my (awful) trip to san antonio in 2007. but that was 8 years ago. now my cellphone has better quality (8MP) 5MP is not good. it was okay in 2004-2006, but now, its garbage. you can do much better. much much better. i now own a dslr that is 21 MPX. and that is starting to become outdated.

    spend an extra 50-100 dollars and get a camera that will not a museum item in 3 years.

    EDIT: and yes, anything over 9MP is a waste. that is why some of these point and shoots with 18MP sensors are ridiculous. but having a higher amount of pixels will allow you to crop images properly. I used to have a D5000 and I was happy with 12MP, until i started cropping photos...

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    Good 5MP digital camera:

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    Source(s): Raccomended Photo Course
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    Very old, maybe 8 years, digitals today have 14 mp for under $100.

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