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Astrology is racism! Who agrees?

I’m fed up of those ‘Why are Scorpios so mean?’ or ‘Why are Leos so dirty and stinky?’ and ‘Urgh, I am fed up of wimpy Pisces men!’ questions. ASTROLOGY IS NOT REAL. There are loads of types of Astrology (Western, Chinese, Mayan e.t.c.) and each country/race believed theirs was trued. What would make YOURS so special? I hate the prejudice all signs get. I hate getting called selfish, stinky, snobbish, racist e.t.c. just because I’m a Leo. I hate how Scorpios get called mean, violent, promiscuous, manipulative e.t.c. My dad is a Scorpio and he’s freaking awesome. A bit strict, stubborn and shouty but at his best he’s such a Troll Dad. And a bit immature as well :D My ex friend is an Aquarius and she’s not as amazing as they’re described. Astrology is racist. So many people are upset with their star sign and most people don’t even fit theirs. If you have a baby you’re expecting to be born on the day of an an attractive star sign but it’s born a month early, its facial features aren’t miracilously going to change! Your star sign doesn’t decide your intelligence.

Who else agrees? I’m fed up of all the hate star signs get. Read my answer for another question:

"Everyone needs to stop hating on star signs. I have came to a conclusion...horoscopes is a load of bull****. There are so many types of Astrology- Chinese, Mayan, Western (Aries, Taurus, Gemini e.t.c.) and you can't expect all of them to be true! Everyone has a Western, Chinese, Mayan and whatever else sign. If your personality matched all of these you might be a confident but shy violent, calm introvert, patient, impatient, outgoing extrovert. If your appearance matched all your signs' appearances you would be deformed and so would everyone else. Star sign-ism is just as bad as racism. My best friend is a Capricorn and she's the nicest, funniest, most loyal, smartest and most amazing person ever. We just click. I have never ever fallen out with her. Leos and Capricorns aren't supposed to get on well but look at us. We're very similar, that's why we click. My Dad is a Scorpio and yes, sometimes I hate him but he's very concerned, loyal, kind and awesome. He just has that Troll-Dad sense of humour. When he's in a good mood he's freaking cool. My ex-friend is an Aquarius but she isn't as amazing as everyone makes them out to be. I'm a Leo. I don't love the spotlight, love attention. I'm not a popular extrovert. I'm not snobby or whatever. I hate the spotlight. I'm shy in front of strangers- only my friends see the real me. I'm extremely unpopular. I'm an introvert- I prefer to hang out on my own and I hate big crowds.

My point is, there IS no worst star sign. Even if it was all real and true, every star sign has its bads and goods. They balance each other out. And I'm fed up of the amount of hate Scorpios get. I'm fed up of those 'WHY HASN'T MY PISCES BOYFRIEND TEXTED ME BACK?!!!?!?!' questions. Maybe he ran out of credit? Maybe his phone broke? Maybe he has a life and doesn't automatically text back and wait all day for a text? Maybe he left his phone at home or lost it?"


It's similar to racism. It's prejudice. It's like...I don't know how to explain it. It's prejudice, basically.

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    I agree, I too dislike the amount of questions / comments that people leave saying how they HATE one sign so much, or stereotype them to say some are (weak / rude etc.) into different categories. It is completely prejudice 100%. I despise it, some days it really gets to me and I just have to leave cuz of the simplicity of peoples minds.

    Now I wont agree with you on saying astrology is complete false. Because from my POV, and my research I've done on my own chart it is very accurate. Once people get past sun signs, and get past their stereotypical minds, they would find out that each person is made up of many different signs, planets, houses & ALL have different characterictics associated with them. The aspects play a role in how each trait is pronounced in the personality of the individual.

    Its very interesting for me, I enjoy learning new things about myself and alot of things I find in my chart I'll say "That is so true" cuz it really does fit with how my mind works, and how I react to situations.

    To each their own, but real astrology is rather intriguing.

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    yea. back when they really used to use astrology, it was said that it was only meant to help guide you through life, never dictate your path. Also, if people really understand what they read, they'll know that there are exceptions to each sign. Ive read that is just means that those energies color that person so to speak. Ultimately, you are still your own unique self under it all. If they really understand the sign, they'll know that just because your a sign has a certain negative trait doesn't mean you'll have it. It just means you have that energy and the negative and positive traits are just the ways in which these energies tend to manifest in both and positive sense and in a negative sense. But the person behind it is what determines how everything happens. If they "get it" they wont be prejudice, just maybe insightful about it. And about your obsession, don't worry about it. Just try to relax and eventually it'll fade away. When the thought arises about a certain person astrologically, don't beat it down or beat yourself up about it, just observe it, allow the thought to come up, and then go on with your day. Eventually, it'll probably let up. Just stop obsessing about it and RELAX and I think you'll be okay.

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    I would like some Pisces girlfriends I hear they make Scorpios happy I bhet I fit the Scorpio sign to a T yup I am all of it and they go great with Pisces a barrel of laughs a minute or is it a barrel of monkeys and isn't this the year of the Green Monkey or the Green Horse?

    Next time a Pisces woman sees me I hope she has telepathic powers and knows that I am her destiny I hope Pisces are as good at sex as they are at being a barrel of laughs

    I don't see anything prejudice about Star Signs it is all how you look at them, aren't the star signs designed to match people up and there by making them happy ????

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    I don't agree with your statement that prejudice against certain Sun Signs is racist, as the Zodiac isn't divided on racial grounds.

    When someone says they hate a certain Sun Sign, it's probably because they haven't got on with a certain person(s) of that Sign and are labeling others as having the same personality as this person... when there is more to a person than their Sun Sign... you have to look at where the Moon and Planets are in their Birth Chart and the aspects between them to get a better understanding of them and see where they're coming from.

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    true BUT it's better to bring out the positive traits of each signs, instead of bashing and trashing based on general assumptions. Simple ppl usually go for that. and also the Sun sign isn't all.

    And I agree about the Scorpio and Leo examples you gave. It's frustrating to read how everybody says that Scorpios are manipulative and evil (they're not. i've known plenty of Scorpios) or that Leos are the worst creature on earth (really, I didnt know ppl hated us "that much" lol of course, it's only "anonymous bashing", they wouldn't do it in front of our smiling faces).

    But you know what, if some questions bother you, IGNORE THEM. don't answer and if you feel somebody is a ranting/nagging/bitter old hag, just block them. Never has my list been so full of blocked users and it's great because when I ask a question, I don't receive hateful&stupid answers


    Just don't take this place too seriously. focus on Love and Sex, not hate and negativity

    Source(s): Leo You see, TRUTH HURTS, otherwise why are ppl TD attacking everybody.pfff PATHETIC!!
  • I totally agree with you on this .

    Astrology is a combination of calculations which is supposed to help us understand each other better and understand what we might face in the future through predictive astrology. But people are basically into sun signs and they don't even understand the other aspects of astrology.

    The worst part is if such people are going to be teachers judging children based on their sun signs or a recruiter judging applicants based on sun signs they are going to make completely illogical decisions.

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    You know what you have? It isn't insight. It isn't a new point of view. It's a limited awareness.

    You are doing what hundreds of millions of people across all human existence throughout all the centuries have done when confronted with an idea or concept you don't easily comprehend. You dismiss it. You dismiss curiosity. You dismiss exploration. You dismiss history. You dismiss the belief structures of other people.

    I do respect you for taking a stand. Not everybody bothers to do that. You probably also know you are not alone in your conclusion that astrology isn't real. Don't expect a reward.

    You really should learn more about the entire world and it's many diverse cultures and value systems and other types of people. You'll be able to speak more comprehensively about the human experience then.

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    Interesting take on it. I agree and have thought the same thing before. I ask "why hasn't my girlfriend texted me back" I ignore anything sign related as it has no bearing on the status quo. I view it as entertainment to anyone who is into this kind of thing personally (I am not into it at all but found your question interesting). Except instead of saying racism say prejudice.

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