My dog and new baby.. I need opinions/help!?

Dog part:

My dog (blue heeler/black lab), almost a year old, doesn't like strangers (if their not in the house), doesn't like kids (other kids have never been in the house) .. but she'll bark at people, especially kids if we're just out and about.. walking her around people, she wont give them the time of day, but when they try to pet her, she'll jump away.. eventually bark if they try for a second time.. I always tell the 'strangers' that "shes curious, but shy".

Baby part:

I'm due in the beginning of Aug. This will be my first baby.

I need opinions on what you guys think what my dog might do when the baby comes home.. Like, do you think she will accept baby or try to hurt baby?


We have had her since she was 4 weeks old. (yes, i know thats too young, but she had a 'situation'..) so giving her up is the last thing i wanna do. shes very attached to me.

Update 2:

We have had her since she was 4 weeks old. (yes, i know thats too young, but she had a 'situation'..) so giving her up is the last thing i wanna do. shes very attached to me.

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    It is very difficult to know in advance how your dog will react. I had a blue-tick hound, when my kids were small. He was never alone with them. I kept their doors closed at night.

    Later, I had two mini dogs, one was sort of an aggressive type in general, the other a wimp--so I was surprised to see the wimp try to snap at a baby that was learning to walk (a visiting nephew)

    You can never fully trust your pets around your children--especially when your kids are babies or when they are young--like under 10 years old. Dogs are naturally predators and the movements of little children/babies and the sounds they make are just like what they would find most attractive to hunt in the wild. (Think about squeaky toys and a baby's little sounds.) If you keep your dog (and completely supervise it when it is anywhere near your baby) and you see a whisper of a hint that your dog is viewing your child like a possible chew toy--or how it looks around cats-or one peep of a growl comes out of its throat--get rid of the dog. I have known someone with a little kid with a horrible scar from the bottom eyelid across their face--pulling the eye open at the bottom--from their family pet that once growled at the child, and they thought the dog would get used to the child. So they got ONE warning, and they blew it now the parents live with guilt and their little kid's scar is the first thing you notice about the child.

    I am not trying to scare the hell out of you, but when you are a parent--your number 1 job is protecting your offspring.

    Good Luck.

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    It is impossible to guess how the dog will react to the new addition. You'll just have to see what happens. Although she doesn't sound aggressive, just wary of strangers which is fine.

    Generally labs and blue heelers are great with children and very protective so just take the normal precautions when introducing them and as always never leave an animal alone with an infant/ small child.

    Before you get home from hospital get someone to bring an item of clothing the baby has worn home, so the dog can sniff it and get used to the scent. Leave it where the dog can smell it whenever it wants.

    When introducing the dog and baby for the first time let the dog see the baby first while being at a safe distance (ie through a screen door, on a leash on the other side of the room) and then gauge the dogs reaction and slowly bring them closer. Let the dog smell the baby, watch the dogs body language and if you feel they aren't happy then remove them and try again again later.

    My animals generally just ignore my babies till they are old enough to play with them, but they are very protective of them :)

    Source(s): Mother of four :)
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    So many people get rid of their dog when the baby comes, which is really sad. You should definitely give the dog a chance to accept the baby into your family. But, it would be wise to never leave the baby alone with the dog. That is asking for trouble. But I was raised with a dog and my parents were great about it so it can be done.

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    I have a one month old and when i brought her home my dog who i loved dearly would lay on top of her if i laid her on the bed, couch, or a pallet on the floor it's like she's very jealous so she has been outside ever since I couldn't break her of trying to lay on the baby. I can't bring myself to get rid of her and she loves the outdoors so I guess it worked out. You just have to see what is right for you and keep a close eye on the dog around the baby but any signs she is going to hurt the baby i would remove the dog immediately.

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    Give the dog a chance, my mother in law has a dog that is horrible with people, but so protective of babies. The dog would guard my daughter and would only let me or my mother in law pick her up. Just make sure you never leave the 2 in the same room alone together.

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    Well no one knows exactly what you're dog is like so i feel for you as i hate it when my nephew and my dogs together but i know that I'm in the room and my dog has never bitten him even when my nephew try's to pull his tail. but dogs can vary some dogs are nice some dogs want attention some dogs are viscous, buy some gates baby proof the house and slowly get them used to each other and just teach you're baby when she's slightly older not to pinch or hurt dogs. But there options like having a friend have the dog for free and you get to visit it. hope this helps,

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    i would consider trying to make the dog used to people just to be safe but i dont think it would hurt the baby because babies have a very different scent then children and adults. I have Pomeranian and hes not used to people he barks like crazy and will attempt to bite if they try to touch him but my sister brought her baby over and he liked to smell the baby didnt bark or nothing he was very curious doesnt seem to mind the baby too much......if the dog doesnt mind the baby the dog will eventually get used to the baby as it ages] congrats on the baby! :)

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    8 years ago

    When the baby comes have it put down at the vets, it's for the best x

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    8 years ago

    Do NOT get rid of the dog!!! She can learn to accept the baby. It's not worth it to get rid of the dog, trust me. They can be taught properly... it's not the dog's fault you're having a baby.

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    8 years ago

    Drop the dog off at animal control for your county, it is what they are there for.

    Don't wait for something to happen, this must be your first baby. One nip, and you will wish you did, if you are lucky enough for a nip first.

    Source(s): 2 kids, when the youngest was 3 we got a puppy. My 10 yr old dog nipped my first at 3 months, and i dropped him off at walmart.
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