Good plot for my story for kids 11+?

I'm writing a story for children 11+ but I would like to know what people think about my story plot? It's called Forbidden Secret thanks to a yahoo answerer who suggested it. Is it a way too complicated plot for an 11 year old? Thank you if you answer. :)

Meg Lawnston is an angel. Not an those holy ones that are god's messengers, they're just like normal people just they have magic powers, a bit like a sorcerer or a witch. Her parents send her to a human high school for they reckon that she doesn't feel grateful enough about how powerful she is and want her to see what it's like to have to keep her identity a secret. When she meets Kimberley Powell, she builds a strong friendship with her and ends up telling her her secret. However, if the angel council find out that she has told someone her secret her powers could be drained from her forever and she will just be a normal human, though luckily Kim keeps it a secret.

Not soon after she has started high school, she falls in love with a boy could Jake who turns out to be a devil, an angel's mortal enemy who seems to be slowly figuring out what she is, leaving her in even more danger. This is basically a story on how Kim and Meg have to try and keep her secret and how Meg struggles when she's in a

forbidden love.

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    It sounds pretty awesome. Don't forget, just because it's 11+ doesn't mean just 11 year-old's will read it. Teenagers probably will too. It's a good plot anyway, and not complicated. It may seem so just from a brief summary, but if you write it out, the reader will hopefully understand it as it will be longer, and the events will happen over time.

    Hope this helps!

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    It looks pretty good! c: Definitely not too complicated.

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