Question about Britain's Got Talent audition process?

Have you audition for BGT?

On the live semi finals and the final, each act gets 2 minutes. In the auditions, if you have a song longer than 2 minutes, should you cut it down and maybe pick it up in the middle, or would you be allowed to sing the whole song?

I noticed Paul Potts in series 1 sang Nessun Dorma and was allowed to sing it through, even though the whole song is a bit longer than the 2 minutes you get in the live shows.

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  • 9 years ago
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    No, never auditioned

    The reason they get longer is because the judges have not buzzed them out

    Like Ashleigh & Pudsey because they were good they got to finish their routine

    Same for all the really good acts, if they like you they let you finish, you don't get 2 minutes you get what they give you, some are only on for seconds then buzzed off, so no time limit.

  • rhine
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    4 years ago

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