How can I still get my vacation pay that I have earned if I quit before I get it?

Basicaly, I have worked for a company for over 3 years and it is getting me nowhere. No raises, no advancement, nothing for my hard work. So I had to get a part time job as well to suppliment my income. However, I was offered the opportunity to become full time at my second job so I would like to take it because it will be a much better choice in many ways. Better pay overall; including overtime, profit sharing, regular raises, and advancement opportunities. The only downfall is I have vacation time coming to me and do not want to lose it. As of the first of the year it was available for me to take but I have time set this summer. The time off is not the issue being that my new employer is very flexible (another perk). The problem is getting the pay. The company tried telling another person who quick that they were not able to have it once they quit, but that person said he looked into it and found that they had to give to him because he earned it and followed proper procedure when giving his notice.

So like I said if someone could help me not only understand this process but also figure out how to get what I deserve, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!! :):):)

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  • 9 years ago
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  • 9 years ago

    By law, if you have any vacation or occured leave, you must take it prior to quiting. If you don't, the employer must pay you for any time you have occurred (regardless if you give a two weeks or not). Rob is incorrect and would land himself in court if he tried to withold paying benefits and days earned for not giving a two weeks notice.

  • Rob
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    9 years ago

    unless u have strange labor laws

    and company policy prohibits it.

    when u quit all benefits are paid to

    u including vacation time.

    do b sure u quit with propers as policy


    ie if u don't give 2weeks notice u may not get

    vacation pay.

    Source(s): employer
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