Is dating an ex boyfriend's friend ever acceptable?

My ex and i broke up three months ago, we dated for about 13 months, we loved each other but we just weren't right for each other. He was the type of guy who didn't show emotion much, and he gave a hard time to people who did, including me. it was really hard for him to tell me he loved me.We ended it because i needed more from him but he was unable to give it. Last month i met this amazing guy who was the opposite of my ex when it came to emotions, He didn't have a guard up like my ex, He even cried in front of me once. Usually i don't rush into dating someone so fast but it just happened . Only after we started dating did i found out he was friends with my ex, not best friends but buddies. In the 13 months my ex and i were together we never met. My ex knows about it now and isn't happy about it. i feel like the right thing to do is break up with him but i am starting to develop strong feelings for this guy. I don't know what to do. my friends say i should stay with him but they never really liked my ex to begin with so their opinions are bias. I want advice from people who don't know me only the story. Is our relationship acceptable?

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  • 8 years ago
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    well i think is if you really really like this guy you should go out with him, you shouldn't let your ex's feelings control who you should go out with. Honestly if i had a ex who has no emotion i would be concerned on why all of sudden he starts to show emotion when i go out with his friend. if i was in your situation i would probably ask the ex "why are you mad? you never gave any more to me when we were going out, why get mad that im going out with your friend?" and if its been 3 months i think it would be ok to go out with someone else like one of his friends,.. or maybe your ex still has feelings for you? But maybe you going out with your ex's best friend can jeopardize there friendship. Honestly there is three things to do

    1)talk to your ex about it

    2)go with your feelings and go out with this guy

    3)break up with this guy

    i would consider #1 and #2

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    8 years ago

    I had an experience like this with my best friend and ex-girlfriend last year, and it tore us apart for a few months, and we are practically brothers.

    Depending on how your ex's feelings still are towards you it may cause those two to not be friends anymore or at least not for a certain amount of time.

    Every situation is different but what matters in the end is what you feel, and what he feels. Everyone else just doesn't matter at that point.

  • If he is the perfect guy, then yes. Just because he is friends with your ex, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to date him. If you really like him, then you should date him without having to worry.

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