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How much weight did you lose on the master cleanse (lemonade/maple syrup diet)?

Hi I am starting the master cleanse on Monday, would just like to know how much weight people have lost of it, any experiences and tips?

I do not want people to tell me not to do it am doing it anyway, I have read that I will put all weight I lose back on. I am not doing it for weight loss that is just a big bonus I am doing it to detoxify my body as I wish to turn vegan.

Thank you

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    I lost about 12 pounds and gained half of it back. I only did it for six days because I started to get paranoid that my body would start pulling nutrients out of my muscles and I got what I needed from it which was a clean slate. The weird thing was, and this may be kinda gross, but even though the body cleanses itself with liver, kidneys, waste, etc, I had corn coming out around the 5th day, and I hadn't eaten corn in a number of weeks. A lot of stuff, I realized, stays for awhile, so I felt that I did get flushed and did it to the point that I had nothing left to come out and that was when I stopped. The fourth day was the hardest, I reintroduced food with flavored broths and then softened veggies and it was okay. I only did the salt flush for two days because it was awful and I also did the tea but only for about four days. The cramping became too much after I had flushed out solids so I stopped that, and two days later stopped altogether because I didn't think I needed it longer. I drank water and tea, it was mainly a mind of matter thing, which was empowering in the end, because what you will yourself to do can be incredible. I did it once a year ago, since I have eaten well and am doing a triathlon this summer, so I'm training and on a well balanced meal plan. I survived it, had a fresh start, and stuck with good food choices afterwards. Good luck!

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    “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” Albert Einstein

    The Einstein Diet...

    Lemon water, with the lemons coming from freshly squeezed lemons, which will help detox the body of excess fat and toxins.

    A variety of raw high carb/low fat fruit (do not juice or blend, because chewing properly is important for digestion due to amylase).

    Must have green grapes and ambrosia apples 24/7.

    Other Information...

    Vegetables/legumes are 2nd best, but may be needed due to finance or type 1 diabetes, in which case, I'd suggest getting a variety of salad recipes.

    Sprouted grains are 3rd best, but may be needed due to finance.

    *No meat and no cheese is a must, but if a person has trouble with not eating meat: shrimp/prawns, lobster & crab are the easiest meats to digest.

    *Proper sleep, hydration, fresh air 24/7, eating sufficient carbs, and cardio (at least walking) is a must.

    Putting on excess weight takes time, as does losing excess weight

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