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alternatives to fiberglass?

I know enough about fiberglass from an ecological and health standpoint that the stuff is toxic. So I've been thinking about new ways of less harmful laminates. This is a science question. Could hemp resin if heat cured mixed with hemp cloth create a stiff board that's non toxic? Has anyone tried it before? How would it hold up with the weathering? If it hasn't been done, that's cool too. I'm sick of toxic chemicals that don't work, screwing up everything, and will make me sick if I use it wrong. If you have links to something similar please post them. The product doesn't matter, I'm looking for a new recipe and method, with a green approach.

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  • Jim
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    9 years ago
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    That will depend on the application. I used to work with high voltage, and I loved fiberglass but we also used phenolic impregnated wood. I had an aluminum boat and it was way faster than fiberglass boats.

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