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bet2day keep sending me spam email adverts and there is no option in the email that I can see to unsubscribe?

help, how do I report this harrassment and spamming company !! I am sick of it. I get so many every day not just 1 or 2 but like 10 or 12 emails every day and I never registered or asked, I never gamble!!! I tried going to their web site but there is no where to email or ask for help etc just places to join !

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    Never open, reply or unsubscribe to spam email. This only lets them know they have someone who not only opens spam, but reads it too.

    Then youre on "the list" -- and sold to other marketing people.

    Check the email and click the spam button.

    Since youve already opened it

    On your inbox page, go to Options> Mail Options> Spam

    Put their address in the box to block them.

    Click Save Changes at the top of the page

    Spammers will rarely unsubscribe you, even if you ask.

    If its someone that you "asked" to receive email from like JC Penny's or Target, Life Magazine etc.... An established company in the real world.. Its ok to click Unsubscribe in the email., and they will oblige.

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    Click on the email and then click on "BLOCK SENDER"

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